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Couple from Adelaide spark debate over whether swapping should be given a key to access the toilet at their home


Debate erupts after husband and wife clash over communal tradition that annoys Aussies: ‘Just because we work outside doesn’t mean we’re beasts’

  • Adelaide couple renovates house
  • Man asked about toilet etiquette
  • Woman does not want clutter in the house

A couple who are renovating their house have started a bitter argument after arguing over whether traditional people should be allowed to use the toilet in their house.

The Adelaide couple organized and paid contractors to build a retaining wall on their property, a job expected to take about two weeks to complete.

Soon the two disagreed over whether the craftsmen who worked on their property should be allowed to use the toilet in their home.

The man took to Reddit on Monday to ask fellow homeowners if they should allow contractors access to their bathrooms, explaining that his wife refused to let anyone in the house when they’re not home.

“My wife and I will be working while here and my wife basically refuses to let anyone into the house while we are not home,” he wrote.

A renovating couple from Adelaide have sparked an online debate over whether the contractors working on their property should have access to the toilet in their home while they work (stock image)

He said that while his wife’s feelings were understandable, he thinks it would be a “huge inconvenience” not to allow them access to the house.

“The reason for not allowing access to the toilet is that they also have access to our whole house all day long without us being there and risk letting our dog escape,” he wrote.

“I feel like it will be a huge inconvenience and a waste of time if the contractors have to drive to a public restroom all the time, so I’d rather leave the house open for them.

“What is standard etiquette in this situation?”

The man explained that he had not been asked about the toilet situation, nor had he discussed it with the contractors.

The post sparked a huge debate, with many arguing that it was “common decency” to allow contractors to access the toilet.

“Human decency to let someone go to the toilet,” one wrote.

‘Treat people the way you want to be treated. Give them a spare key to use if needed,” another person commented.

“What has become of our society if you can’t let someone use your toilet when they’re working for you?” added a third person.

“Seriously, people in this thread seem to think traditions come from the dark ages,” a fourth said.

“Just because we work outside doesn’t mean we’re beasts, like really?” another commented.

Many claimed it was

Many claimed it was “normal decency” to allow the contractors access to the toilet in the house, while others claimed it was “insane” to allow tradis free access to the whole house while the couple were not there.

However, others disagreed, arguing that the man should never allow unfettered access to his home.

‘Bulls**t. Giving a group of random people your house key? No way,” one person wrote.

“Letting them go to the toilet when you’re home is common decency, giving them a spare key is insane,” another commented.

“If I wasn’t home and they were working outside, then no. I wouldn’t leave my house locked when I’m not home and I wouldn’t allow free access to the toilet,” said a third person.

“You are delusional if you think it is unreasonable not to want strange men in your house when you are not there,” a fourth added.

Some Aussies gave the man a simple solution to his conundrum: ‘just hire a portaloo. Problem solved.’

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