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Could your bank close YOUR checking account with little warning? This is the money podcast


Could your bank really close YOUR checking account with little warning? The podcast This is money

Banks have entered the line of fire this week due to the closure of current accounts and the slowness in transferring increases in basic rates to savers.

Nigel Farage claims his checking account was closed by his bank over his views on Brexit: the former politician spoke out on Twitter about his treatment of Coutts, while the exclusive bank with a high net worth clientele responded.

So can banks really do that to you? Georgie Frost, Simon Lambert and Lee Boyce tell you all the reasons your bank may close your stream and what to do if it happens to you.

And on the same day, the heads of the big banks faced questioning from the FCA about paying savers fairly, Lloyds, Halifax and HSBC raising rates: coincidence?

Savings offers have skyrocketed in recent months, experts give their opinion on whether we are at a peak or if there is still a lot to do for savers.

With savings rates rising, many are wondering whether to bother investing: a group of experts reckons Brits are spending too much cash rather than investing. How do the shapes stack up?

And finally… would you contribute to your partner’s pension? A spouse can pay her spousal support while she’s not working to make sure she doesn’t lose out financially in the future, but is it a smart move?

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