Costco just told members these essential groceries have been delayed

Costco is struggling to keep up with the demand for toilet paper again, a year and a half after supplies disappeared from every grocery store in America when the pandemic began. The warehouse chain has recently warned members of significant shipping issues leading to delays in online orders.

Members who bought toilet paper on Costco’s website recently received an email from the company stating that “due to increased volumes, you may experience a slight delay in processing this order,” it said. FOX Business.

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Costco toilet paper

Usually, Costco offers same-day or two-day delivery for groceries. There is currently no delay in browsing TP options as a follow-up email is reportedly sent with tracking information after the order is completed and shipped. While there’s no information on how long members currently wait to get toilet paper from Costco, unfortunately those who want to go to the warehouse to get some are also being shaken up a bit.

In August, Costco placed a purchase limit on toilet paper as well as over a dozen other items to try and keep up with demand and shortages seemed likely. Members are say on social media that they could only buy one pack of toilet paper in the warehouse if there was any left and it’s starting to feel like March 2020 again.

In the email sent to those who have recently bought some, Costco says it’s “working to fulfill everything as quickly as possible” FOX Business say. Eat this, not that! contacted Costco for more information about toilet paper delays and how long it takes members to receive their online orders, but the company declined to comment.

To learn more about what’s happening at your local warehouse, read it below:

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