Costco just made this change to its Food Court condiments

While the frozen yogurt, churro, smoothie and other Costco food court items are iconic in their own right, there are also some that liven up thanks to the condiment bar. But the next time you go there to add ketchup, mustard and/or relish to a hot dog or fry chicken, the station may look different.

Costco still has COVID-19 safety measures in situ to stop the spread of the virus, and it seems that other innovations are being implemented – in the form of contactless spice dispensers. A Reddit user/Costco member recently posted about it, saying they found it in a warehouse in California. Customers just need to place their food or a cup under the spout and hold their hand over the sensor.

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Based on the photo @breathfromanother posted, the new Costco touchless condiment stations are messy. Other users who have replied to the thread say that their warehouse has the . has touchless soda dispensers added earlier this year, and if this is something like that, they won’t be as useful as planned.

Some, including a current food court employee-say the hand pumps were more accurate and less messy. But when it comes to spices, how clean can it stay?

reddit user @CowboyJoker90 however, has a solution that can solve all cleaning problems.

Eat this, not that! has reached out to Costco to see if the contactless spice dispensers are making their way to more food courts soon, and to see the most accurate way to use them.

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