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Cost of living crisis hits new level as Sydney woman says she paid $25 for a bagel

Woman bursts over $25 in latest shocking example of Australia’s cost of living crisis: ‘I have been the victim of a heinous crime’

  • Woman Says She Paid $25 For A Bagel As Cost Of Living Hits New Levels

A Sydney woman claims she had to pay $25 for a smoked salmon bagel because the cost of living is reaching a whole new level.

Hannah Bowman said she was furious after being forced to pay $25 for the baked good, a price she labeled as absolutely criminal.

The podcast producer took to social media to express her disgust, saying the cost-of-living crisis is really getting “out of control.”

In a video uploaded to Tik Tok, Hannah said she feels like she’s “the victim of a heinous crime.”

A Sydney woman claims she had to pay $25 for a smoked salmon bagel as the cost-of-living crisis reaches a whole new level

“I was just going for a walk to buy coffee and I was walking past a bakery and I saw this bagel,” she said.

“I thought, ‘I’m just going to buy my lunch now,’ because it looks delicious.”

Hannah said she’d never bought anything from the bakery before and was shocked when she went to pay and said, “That’ll be $25, please.”