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Cost of living crisis a ‘great passion killer’ with fewer Australians getting intimate


Declining economy: Cost of living pressure a ‘big passion killer’ with fewer Australians becoming intimate with partners

  • More Australians have less sex
  • Financial stress affecting the desire to have sex

With the mounting pressure of the cost of living crisis, many Australians have noticed that their sex lives have taken a hit.

New research from Afterpay found that increasing financial pressures have led 16 per cent of Australians to have a decreased desire for physical intimacy, while one in seven report increased tension with their partner.

Sexologist Chantelle Otten said that external pressures, such as higher costs, can be a “big passion killer.”

New research has found fewer Australians are having sex due to cost-of-living stress

With that in mind, Otten said there are plenty of ways to bring a room to life without breaking the bank.

“While financial concerns can intrude on our intimate lives, there are numerous ways to maintain, or even rekindle, that spark without breaking the bank,” he said.

“Sex is a powerful stress reliever and a fantastic way to improve your closeness, both emotionally and physically.”

Budget constraints often push people to think outside the box, finding simple yet effective ways to add something extra special to the experience.

Otten recommends going back to basics: dim the lights, put on music, and use tissue scarves or ice cubes for sensory play.

This is backed up by research from Afterpay, which found that 17 per cent of Australians like to set the mood with lighting and music, or incorporate toys for her.

Open communication is key to helping partners feel close to each other, allowing each individual to share their desires, fantasies, and limits.

The same can be said of addressing external stressors in the relationship, such as financial concerns, with a deep mutual understanding of each other’s needs, which helps bring couples closer.

Otten says that surprises and novelties can also help shake things up, adding some excitement to the relationship by breaking the routine.

Sexologist Chantelle Otten, there are ways to reignite the romance without breaking the bank

Sexologist Chantelle Otten, there are ways to reignite the romance without breaking the bank

This works by releasing dopamine, the feel-good brain chemical, which can be activated by the element of surprise.

Trying on new toys or outfits can help things feel fresh, and almost a quarter of Australians cite new underwear and positions as their favorite way to spice things up.

Embracing pleasure and reinforcing positivity can help people to openly express their enjoyment, an experience that the voyeur also derives pleasure from.

Transparency helps enhance and amplify mutual arousal, while positively acknowledging and affirming what each person enjoys helps foster a deeper level of intimacy.

Otten also says that romantic gestures like preparing a meal together or spending some time at the spa can release tension and help set the right mood.

Activities like massage allow couples to explore each other’s bodies, deepen a sense of connection, and build anticipation.

“An enriching sex life doesn’t necessarily equate to an expensive one,” Otten said.

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