Cory Bernardi renews his impulse to ban the burka

Senator Cory Bernardi has reignited debate about banning the burqa.

Burqas could be banned at major airports and citizenship ceremonies under legislation presented to parliament by right-wing senator Cory Bernardi.

The leader of the Australian Conservatives on Tuesday introduced a bill banning face coverage at Commonwealth sites, including all public places in the Northern Territory and ACT.

Bills are unlikely to be enacted, and both major parties oppose the restriction of Islamic dress.

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Senator Bernardi's impulse would also prohibit people from wearing face covers at Centrelink offices or citizenship ceremonies.

The former senator of the Liberal Party believes that part of his bills prohibiting facial coverage on sites owned by the federal government could be extended to the six airports in the capital of Australia.

The legislation says it is designed to ensure national security and safety is paramount, while ensuring that Australian values ​​and cultural norms, including women's equality, are respected.

Labor and the coalition have emphatically rejected calls for burka bans in the past, and One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has received a stinging reprimand last year for taking the pledge to parliament.