Cortana receives a male voice and Outlook for iOS integration in leaked video

Microsoft's Cortana Assistant will get new features later this year, adding voice options (for the first time a male voice) and integrating with the Outlook app on iOS, according to a leaked video posted by Twitter user @ h0x0d.


The new Outlook functions seem to revolve largely around a new "Play my e-mails" function that Cortana uses to read your new e-mails in a miniature briefing. During the briefing you can sort or mark conversations with your voice.

The video also shows the option for a "male" voice for the smart assistant, a scoop for Microsoft and a welcome addition to the platform. Unfortunately, the video does not actually contain audio of how the new voice sounds, so we have to wait until Microsoft has formally released the feature.

There are also new Cortana features for Windows, including a "Briefing" mode, which generates a daily synopsis of your calendar and meetings in your inbox, and new planning tools to add meetings to your calendar.

It is not entirely clear when Microsoft plans to release these new features for Cortana, but h0x0d "The tweet seems to indicate that they have to arrive sometime later this year.