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Coronavirus rules apply to everyone, says a senior health official, after a 400 km drive from the British government

LONDON (REUTERS) – The UK’s Covid-19 locking rules are clear and applicable to everyone, a senior medical officer said when asked about a long car journey made by Prime Minister’s top advisor, Dominic Cummings, at the height of the lock .

English Deputy Chief Physician Jonathan Van-Tam has become a social media favorite during the pandemic for his colorful phrase, including his insistence on Saturday (May 30) that the public should not tear the pants off new, slightly looser guidelines.

He said at a daily press conference that Britain is at a very dangerous time as it begins to ease some of its closing measures. People need to be “sensible and proportionate” to their freedom, he said.

When asked whether authority figures should lead by example and obey the rules, he willingly addressed the matter, unlike his boss and the country’s scientific director, who did not comment on the matter during an earlier briefing.

“Thanks for the question, and I’m happy to answer it,” he said.

“In my opinion, the rules are clear and they have always been clear. In my opinion they are for everyone’s benefit and in my opinion they apply to everyone.”

Cummings, the campaigner who helped drive the 2016 Brexit referendum win and Boris Johnson’s 2019 election landslide, has been fighting to keep his job this week after his long road trip at the height of the shutdown that caused outrage throughout Britain.

Cummings declined to apologize for the trip, which is a 400km trip to his parents’ property in Northern England and another trip to a local castle he said he took to test his eyes and driving skills after he had become ill.

Local police said he may have broken lockdown rules with the shorter ride, but said they would take no further action. Johnson has said he accepts the explanation and believes the case is now closed.

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