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Coronavirus Pandemic LIVE Updates: Business in India exceeds 9,000 marks, death toll at 308; More than 150 self-quarantined in Delhi’s Max Hospital

The United States recorded 1,514 deaths from the coronavirus pandemic in the past 24 hours, according to a note from Johns Hopkins University. The number of fatalities was less than the toll of 1,920 yesterday. The outbreak has now claimed the lives of at least 22,020 people in the US, most of every country.

The US is also by far ahead of the confirmed infection rate, at 555,313 according to the Baltimore-based university census.

In Singapore, 59 Indians are among the 233 new cases of coronavirus reported on Sunday, bringing the total number of Covid-19 patients in the city-state to 2,532.

Of the new cases, 51 are linked to known clusters and 15 to previous cases. The remaining 167 have no links to previous cases pending contact detection, the Department of Health said in its daily update.

Seven new clusters or common meeting places were found, including one connected to the Black Tap restaurant in a five-star casino resort complex, Marina Bay Sands. Restaurant Black Tap of burgers and milkshakes has been linked to eight cases, and McDonald’s has been linked to five infections.

Thirty-one of the 976 patients still in the hospital are in critical condition in the intensive care unit, while most others are stable or improving.

There are 988 cases that are clinically good, but are still tested positive for COVID-19. They are isolated and cared for in community facilities, the ministry said. The death toll is eight.

Four additional cases have been linked to the originally Indian mega factory Mustafa Center, bringing the total to 82. The number of work permit holders working in Singapore and dorm-related matters has increased and is likely to increase, “mainly because we are testing more aggressively in dorm rooms,” the ministry said.

Authorities have further tightened measures for circuit breakers to control the spread of the deadly disease, recommending that commuters wear masks on public transport and close all beaches.

Markets will also refuse entry to people who do not wear a face mask, and food outlets will be fined if their employees do not wear masks or face shields.

During the power outage period, which lasts from April 7 to May 4, Singaporeans are only allowed to leave their home for essential activities such as buying food and groceries.

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