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Coronavirus: Britain announces more deaths and reveals that 7% of the population has had a virus

Britain announces preliminary Covid-19 death toll of 213 as antibody data suggests that less than 7% of Britons have had the infection and a mass swab schedule reveals that the outbreak is still ‘relatively stable’ and any infected 54,000 people

  • Regular Pap smears have shown that 79 percent of the positive results come from people with no symptoms
  • Statisticians say that approximately 133,000 people currently have the virus, with 54,000 new each week
  • They describe the outbreak as ‘relatively stable’ and its magnitude has decreased on that measure since last week
  • NHS England said that between April 10 and May 27, another 185 people died of Covid-19 in its hospitals
  • Here’s how you can help people affected by Covid-19


Another 213 people have died of the coronavirus in hospitals in Britain, officials announced today, because a blood test found that only about seven percent of people have had the disease.

NHS England said that between April 10 and May 27, another 185 people died in hospitals, while another 14 people died in Wales, 12 in Scotland and two in Northern Ireland. Deaths in care homes will be announced later.

Individual data, released for the first time today, shows that one in 14 people in the UK – about 4.5 million people – have already had coronavirus, according to the Office for National Statistics.

The government body today released the first results of its blood test schedule, which showed that 60 out of 885 people (6.78 percent) tested positive for Covid-19 specific antibodies in their immune system.

It suggests that 4.5 million people in the UK have been exposed to the virus – a similar estimate as the 15 percent of Londoners and five percent elsewhere announced last week by health secretary Matt Hancock.

Ongoing swab tests show that 0.24 percent of the population is currently infected with the disease. This is a decrease of 0.01 percent from last week’s update and suggests that approximately 133,000 people carry the virus.

US officials said it was possible for this number to be as low as 62,000 or as high as 250,000 – the tests are based on small samples of the population and so should allow for a margin of error.

They described the outbreak as “relatively stable” – the same description as last week – adding that about 54,000 people become infected again each week, up from 61,000 last week.

More troubling, the ONS revealed that of the people who tested positive for Covid-19 on its nationwide schedule, only 21 percent actually had symptoms when their positive sample was taken. This proves that the virus is still spreading silently through the population, and tens of thousands of people may have no idea they have it.

In other developments of today’s British coronavirus crisis:

  • An investigation by Durham police revealed that Dominic Cummings had not broken the rules of incarceration on his 260-mile journey to find childcare – but he may have broken the lead when traveling 60 miles to Barnard Castle;
  • The government’s contact-tracking site crashed this morning amid complaints that it was a ‘complete mess’, with workers paying £ 10 an hour to sit at home and do nothing on the first day;
  • Nicola Sturgeon stated that the lockdown in Scotland is easing – groups of up to eight people are allowed to mix in parks and gardens. Boris Johnson will adjust the draconian coronavirus curbs this afternoon;
  • Matt Hancock turned around the prospect that British people could take summer vacations abroad this year, as he suggested they might be now – although he said they were “unlikely” earlier this month;
  • The RNLI came under fire after the deaths of three people on Britain’s beaches during Bank Holiday weekend after it suspended coastal patrols due to the corona virus crisis;
  • April was the deadliest month ever in England and Wales, according to shocking official figures showing that 88,000 people died in the two countries – double the 44,000 registered last April;
  • Sandwich and coffee chain Pret A Manger will reopen more than 200 locations for pick-up and delivery from Monday, with new social distance measures.