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Cops smash car window to rescue two kids trapped in hot vehicle at shopping centre: Sydney, Dee Why

EXCLUSIVE: Police officers in a panic break a window and rescue two children from a car parked in a sweltering mall parking lot, before the driver runs back to his car with two bags of groceries.

Two young children have been rescued from a car in the parking lot of a suburban shopping center, with the dramatic moment when police are forced to break a window caught on camera, as the driver returns in a panic.

In exclusive footage obtained by Daily Mail Australia, emergency services can be seen trying to unlock a gray hatchback in a car park on Pittwater Road in Dee Why.

After failing to unlock the car, a police officer resorts to breaking the passenger side window with a hammer and baton.

The NSW Police and Fire team discover two children in the back seat, before the driver is seen running back to the vehicle with groceries in hand.

NSW Police confirmed that emergency services were called to a car park on Pittwater Road in Dee Why at around 2:30pm following reports that a child was locked inside an unaccompanied vehicle.

Police said a window was broken after “attempts to unlock the vehicle were unsuccessful.”

Two children, ages one and four, were placed inside the vehicle and were evaluated at the scene, with no injuries reported.

A woman returned to the vehicle a short time later, and police addressed her.

The witness who managed to capture the dramatic incident on camera told Daily Mail Australia that NRMA was seen arriving alongside FRNSW, with NRMA attempting to gain access to the interior of the car.

The witness believed that another bystander had called triple zero upon seeing the children inside.

The witness said the driver had “run back to the car with the purchases clearly in shock at what he was seeing.”

“It certainly wasn’t ‘cool’ in the parking lot, so it’s very dangerous to leave children alone here,” they said.

It comes just weeks after a three-year-old boy was killed in a sweltering car in Glenfield, south-west Sydney, as horrified family members collapsed at the scene.