Convicted pedophile George Pell got a job as a gardener in Melbourne Assessment Prison



* Pell appointed Archbishop of Melbourne by Pope John Paul II

* Pell sexually abused two 13-year-old choir boys after a solemn mass on Sunday at St. Patrick & # 39; s Cathedral, according to a later jury finding.

* A second indecent act is committed by Pell against one of the choir boys in a corridor in the cathedral, the same jury found.


* Pell served as the Archbishop of Sydney, 2001-2014.


* He created a cardinal in 2003.


* According to the Herald-Sun, Pell is being investigated by the Sano Task Force of the Victoria Police for & # 39; multiple offenses & # 39; committed while he was a priest in Ballarat and Archbishop of Melbourne.

* Pell says the allegations & # 39; unfounded and completely incorrect & # 39; and asks for an investigation into how the police investigation became public.

Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton asks the anti-corruption watchdog to investigate the leak, but denies that it came from the police.

* Pell provides evidence to the Royal Commission on institutional responses to the sexual abuse of children in Ballarat.

* Under Vatican rules, Pell gives Pope Francis his resignation on his 75th birthday, as usual. It is not accepted.


* Investigators from the Victoria police hand over to the Public Prosecutor a short piece of evidence about allegations of sexual abuse by Pell.

* Officers travel to Rome to interview Pell about the abuse claims. He participates voluntarily in the interview.


* The police present their final evidence to the Public Prosecution Service to consider charges.

* Prosecutors give the police the green light to charge Pell.


JUNE 2017

* Pell is charged with multiple counts of historic child crimes.

* He denies the accusations and swears to erase his name.

* Lawyers for Pell appear in Melbourne Magistrates Court.

* Pell says goodbye to his lead role in Vatican finances to fight the indictment.


JULY 2017

* Pell returns to Australia.

* He hires top lawyer Robert Richter QC.

* Supporters set up a fund to help Pell fight the charge.



MARCH 2018

* Prosecutors drop one of the charges against Pell.

* A one-month hearing begins to determine whether Pell is in court.

* Prosecutors withdraw more costs.

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