Conversely, Xfinity Mobile offers discounts on additional unlimited subscription lines


Comcast’s wireless service, Xfinity Mobile, is changing the pricing structure of its unlimited plans. The company is now discounting additional lines on its unlimited plan: a single-line plan still costs $ 45 per month, but additional lines get cheaper the more you add. With four lines on a subscription, you pay $ 30 per month per line. This is in contrast to a previous policy of charging the same rate per line, regardless of the number of lines on a subscription a practice that was advertised on its website yesterday.

The company points out that its $ 45-a-month unlimited plan is still cheaper than single-line plans with the major wireless carriers, which is true: Unlimited after-sales plans from the big three cost between $ 60 and $ 70 a month.

Until recently, single-line customers on Xfinity Mobile enjoyed the same per-line prices as multi-line subscribers, as stated on the company’s website.
Image: Xfinity Mobile

But it’s also worth noting that Xfinity Mobile slows speeds for all of its unlimited plans once a user hits 20GB of data per month, which you won’t see in the major carriers’ plans. This is separate from the temporary delays customers can experience when the network is busy, which is a fairly common policy with network providers.

Prices for the “By the Gig” meter plans remain the same: 1 GB for $ 15, 3 GB for $ 30 and 10 GB for $ 60. It is also still possible to combine data capped and unlimited lines in the same plan . This isn’t the first time that Xfinity Mobile, which runs on Verizon’s network, has changed pricing policy: in 2019, it started charging a fee to add HD streaming to accounts. Previously, it had limited streaming video resolution to 480p, but would waive this limitation at no charge upon request.

To be fair, both this change and the unlimited plan’s new pricing structure follow industry standard practices. Most unlimited plans limit video streaming to 480p, and all major wireless providers charge more per line on single or multi-line plans. For a change, Comcast isn’t coming up with creative new ways to make your bill more confusing – it just goes with the flow.

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