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Controversy after a federal judge suspended the licensing of the abortion pill in the United States


US President Joe Biden affirmed his determination to “fight” this move, which he described as an “unprecedented attempt to deprive women of basic freedoms.”

A federal judge Friday scored a resounding victory for abortion opponents in the United States by rescinding permission to market an abortion pill approved more than twenty years ago and used by half a million Americans each year.

US President Joe Biden affirmed his determination to “fight” this move, which he described as an “unprecedented attempt to deprive women of basic freedoms.”

And the US Food and Drug Administration quickly challenged the decision before the Texas judiciary, noting in a statement to the US media that it approved more than two decades ago the use of abortion pills “based on a full study of the available scientific evidence and proved that it is safe and effective for its prescribed use, which is the early medical termination of pregnancy.” “.

Ten months after the historic ruling issued by the Supreme Court and granting every US state the freedom to ban abortions on its territory, Judge Matthew Kaksmarek, known for his conservative positions, issued a decision from Texas that is supposed to include the entire country.

At the same time, one of his colleagues in Washington state saw that it was not possible to withdraw the authorization to market the “Mifepristone” (RU 486) pill, which is used in conjunction with another drug, from 17 Democratic states that submitted an appeal to him against the decision.

Therefore, the matter will quickly be decided by the Supreme Court, whose composition was deeply modified by former Republican President Donald Trump.

In any case, Judge Kaksmarek’s decision will not be implemented before a week, as he left a deadline for the federal government to appeal the decision. This step is not expected to be delayed.

“The Department of Justice strongly disagrees” with the decision, “and will appeal (…) and seek a stay of execution pending,” Attorney General Merrick Garland said in a statement.

In his 67-page ruling, Judge Kacsmarek affirms that he accepts most of the arguments in the complaint filed in November by a coalition of doctors and anti-abortion organizations against the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Like them, he points to studies on the risks attributed to the abortion pill, although the majority of the scientific community considers them to be too small to take into account, and accuses the Medicines Agency of failing to respect due process in pursuit of a political goal.

“There is evidence to suggest that the FDA has faced intense political pressure to compromise safety precautions in order to further the political goal of expanding access to abortion,” he wrote.


Planned Parenthood, the influential family planning organization that runs a large number of clinics that perform abortions in the country, said the judge’s decision was “unprecedented and deeply damaging”.

“We should all deplore that a judge could unilaterally reject medical evidence” to contradict the Food and Drug Administration, its chair Alexis McGill Johnson said, stressing that the decision could have consequences “beyond miscarriage”.

Democratic Vice President Kamala Harris criticized the decision, saying it was “unprecedented and threatens women’s rights across the country.” She worried about the consequences of other medications for cancer or diabetes.

Democratic members of Congress focused their criticism on Judge Kaksmarek.

Former Democratic leader Nancy Pelos described him as a “radical judge”, while their current leader Hakeem Jeffries saw him as a “rogue judge”.

Matthew Kacsmarek, who was hired by Donald Trump, was an attorney for a Christian organization before taking office in Amarillo, Texas, and is the only federal judge there.

By filing a complaint in this city, the opponents of abortion were confident that the case would come back to him.

They did not hide their joy Friday. SPA ProLife America hailed what it called “a victory for the health and safety of women and girls.”

The group’s director of political affairs, Katie Glenn, said she was “thoroughly analyzing” the second ruling, but “we hope the two decades of serious disregard for women’s lives by the FDA will be corrected.”

And even if a court eventually suspends the FDA’s license, it could take several months before the decision is enforced.

Health law experts say the drug regulator must follow strict procedures before withdrawing a product’s license.

Doctors and women may have to give up another drug, “Misoprostal”, which is used with the first drug to ensure greater effectiveness and less pain.

“We will not allow this unjust decision to prevent access to abortion pills,” which through “alternative means” can “always reach private mailboxes,” said Elisa Wells, founder of Plan C, an information network about abortion pills.

Merry C. Vega is a highly respected and accomplished news author. She began her career as a journalist, covering local news for a small-town newspaper. She quickly gained a reputation for her thorough reporting and ability to uncover the truth.

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