Controversial relationship coach Jake Maddock wants to ban boys’ nights out

A relationship expert known for his controversial views on dating says it’s time to ban “nights out with the boys” and says it’s not controlling, just common sense.

Jake Maddock, Australia’s self-proclaimed “tough love relationship coach,” believes it’s impossible to have a healthy relationship when you go out with your “acting single” friends.

“Acting single while in a relationship is not good,” he told FEMAIL.

‘Don’t go out alone. Don’t take boys and girls vacations alone. Don’t go out on boys’ or girls’ nights—none of that nonsense.’

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Self-described ‘tough love’ relationship coach Jake Maddock (pictured) says coupled men and women should stop ‘acting’ by going to events alone

Jake says “people do it all the time,” but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea, and the same goes for women craving a “girl’s night out.”

“Going out alone, you go out on your own at midnight and you have a great time dancing around.

‘What is your partner doing? Sitting at home feeling sad, lonely and wondering what you’re up to,” he said.

He then denounced the idea that forbidding your partner from going out is “checking.”

“Anyone trying to have these PC relationships, it’s not working,” he said.

“To have a ten-to-ten relationship, you have to be in a relationship.”

He suggests that people “go out and have fun” but bring their partner with them.

Jake has been dubbed the ‘most mocking’ relationship coach on TikTok by both men and women for his controversial opinions.

He believes that men should pay for every date, women should lean on their feminine energy and people should have sex on their first date.


Do you think coupled men and women should be able to socialize without their partners?

  • No. Couples should not be single! 1 votes
  • They should be able to go outside, but not on vacation! 1 votes
  • Yes. People need time without their partner. 3 votes

Jake renamed relationship coach after “discovering” how to achieve great relationship.

But the former soldier’s “man’s man” view seems to have had a polarizing impact on some of his audience — many women claim his advice widens the gap between offensive and dangerous.

An example of such advice is that couples should be intimate at least two to three times a week throughout their relationship.

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“There is no **qualified** sex or relationship therapist who would give such general advice…from a sexologist in training,” said one woman.

Clementine Ford noted, “You don’t have any qualifications to present yourself as a ‘relationship coach’. Not only is this kind of advice really dangerous and predatory, but you don’t even give a reason why? These are just your personal opinions,’ she said.

In the controversial video, he said there are “no excuses” for slacking off intimacy.

‘Of course there are no excuses. Because you don’t need an excuse not to have sex. A simple no is enough. Please learn what consent is,” said one woman.

In another video, Jake says women can’t ask men out, but they can suggest dates.

Jake believes that going out with your friends is akin to ‘single acting’ and that your partner should always be with you on a night out (stock image)

“You want to say things the way I like to talk to you, when are you going to ask me out,” he said.

But his followers argued that this advice goes against his masculine, feminine rule.

“If you’re trying to be feminine you wouldn’t ask him backwards or forwards for a date, that’s masculine in my opinion,” said one woman.

“This is kind of passive-aggressive and not very attractive to me,” said another.

While others criticized the tactic for “rewarding lazy, effortless men.”

“Normally I agree with you, but not here. Does a manly man need urging to take you out on a date? I do not think so.’

The polarizing relationship coach became popular on TikTok for his controversial opinions, including making men pay for every date

Jake continues to defend his career move and now speaks to an audience of over 70,000 followers on Instagram.

“There was a good ten-year period in my life that was pure hell because I didn’t understand relationships at all,” he said.

“So I decided to get to know them and become a master of them. After years of studying under mentors and reading books and putting information into practice, I have achieved a 10/10 relationship,” he added.

Jake believes that men struggle in relationships because they are “not good at articulating their wants and needs, or not even understanding them.”

“The biggest mistakes people make are not being intimate enough, not communicating effectively, ignoring male and female energies, not having enough dates and not respecting each other,” he said.


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