Control4 adds a sleek new remote control to its smart home platform

Smart home platform vendor Control4 launches a new way to communicate with his system, the Neeo. De Neeo is a touch screen remote control that gives Control4 customers access to their smart home devices and can adjust settings, schedules, music playback and more. It is available in black or silver from Control4 dealers starting today for $ 600.


De Neeo works with the Smart Home OS 3 platform from Control4 and automatically works with all devices that are set up via an existing Control4 system. Homeowners can simply turn on the remote control, log in to their system and everything they have set up is available to operate with it.

The remote control itself is a slim metal and rubber device with a small touchscreen and a handful of special buttons for volume and other frequent controls. The touchscreen is customizable and can be set to display favorite devices or one-touch buttons to play Netflix or perform other complicated routines. The rechargeable battery of the remote control lasts five days and is charged when the Neeo is placed on the supplied magnetic dock.

The Neeo comes with a magnetically weighted dock for storing and charging the battery.
Image: Control4

The Control4 system is a professionally installed smart home and supports 14,000 direct integrations with third-party devices. It is purchased through a network of dealers around the world who have created more than 175,000 integrations tailored to the needs of their customers.

The remote control was originally a product from a company called Neeo, which purchased Control4 earlier this year. The hardware design and functions of the original Neeo have been transferred to the version of Control4, but the software is completely new to integrate with the Smart Home OS 3 system. In addition to the Neeo, Control4 also has keyboards, touchscreens, mobile apps, voice assistant integrations and a more traditional-looking remote control that is available for customers to operate their homes.

The appeal of Control4 has always been for those who want the possibilities of a smart home, but do not want to solve the hassle of installing and installing it themselves. But with the Neeo, Control4 can also attract those who like sleekly designed gadgets – even if they are terribly expensive.