Control 2 has been announced, great news for all supernatural shooter fans

Control 2 has been officially opted out following an announcement from developers Remedy Entertainment.

Released in 2019, Check sees you take on the role of the director of the Federal Bureau of Control, a secret organization investigating ghostly happenings around the world. However, you have a great first day as the offices face a supernatural incursion and it falls on your shoulders to push back the invaders.

Although Control 2 now officially announced (opens in new tab)game director Mikael Kasurinen makes it clear that the sequel won’t be out “in a while”.

(Image credit: Remedy)

Jesse in the nick of time

Initially known as Operation Heron while discussions were underway, little detail has been given about Control 2 in terms of storyline or even basic plot points.

What we do know is that the scope of the game will expand beyond the original. Remedy Pitch Control 2 is not just a “bigger budget game” compared to its predecessor, but they seem to have lofty ambitions for the world of the game itself. “We wanted to create something new. Something different and unexpected,” says Kasurinen. “A world like no other.”

“It’s early days, but it’s worth the wait,” the director promises, so while we shouldn’t expect more details anytime soon, there’s plenty of room for speculation.

The third-person shooter spans the same haunted universe as Remedy Entertainment’s Alan Wake, whose sequel, Alan Wake 2, is coming soon in 2023. The two games are ripe for a crossover; after all, there were already ties between the series in Control’s AWE expansion.

Remedy has already proven that Alan Wake and Control’s universe is a vast universe; We can also infer that from the events in Control’s AWE DLC, when protagonist Jesse is approached by a holographic version of the horror writer turned gumshoe.

Kasurinen’s statement may leave the door ajar for even more overlaps in the near future – and who knows, maybe we’ll see Jesse sooner than we expect as we look forward to Alan Wake 2 in the coming months.