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Conor McGregor’s tense Ultimate Fighter showdown with Michael Chandler lasted 30 MINUTES


The tense showdown between Ultimate Fighter and Conor McGregor’s Michael Chandler lasted 30 MINUTES… as ‘Notorious’ tells his new rival ‘I’m going PIN YOU’ on his UFC return

Michael Chandler has revealed that the tense confrontation between him and Conor McGregor in the opening episode of Ultimate Fighter lasted 30 minutes as they had to wait in a gym during filming.

The two fighters lead teams in the new series before facing each other later this year – a date and location have yet to be revealed.

It will be McGregor’s first time in the octagon since badly breaking his leg in a fight with Dustin Poirier nearly two years ago, but judging by the opening scene of the new series, the Irishman has not lost an ounce of self-confidence. .

McGregor and Chandler met face to face in a strangely awkward scene; McGregor paced in a sharp suit, apparently unsure whether to goad Chandler as the American tried to keep his composure and stay out of what he later called the “ju- verbal jitsu.

“What was Mystic Mike’s prediction?” McGregor asked Chandler with a smirk.

Conor McGregor’s tense meeting with Michael Chandler lasted a total of 30 minutes

“Second-round knockout,” Chandler replies. “Hit it with the tough ones in the first.

“Keep dreaming buddy, keep dreaming,” McGregor retorts. “Did I tell you how much it’s going to weigh?” 185. You will do as you are told. I will pin you. This is my game. This is my game forever.

Speaking after the show aired, Chandler lifted the lid on what it was like to come face to face with his wayward opponent.

“Conor and I had met, we had already shared a press conference. When he fought Poirier, I fought Dan Hooker,” Chandler said. “They said go wait in the gymnasium, I was there for 10 minutes, then they sent Conor over there and left us for 30 minutes.”

For his part, Chandler was still looking to get at McGregor. In an unseen slip later aired on ESPN after the episode, he told McGregor: “It’s the pressure you can’t handle – the fight pressure.”

But Chandler revealed he didn’t feel the need to excessively taunt McGregor.

‘What are you doing? Start talking about rubbish, insulting each other? Conor and I have a ton of respect for each other.

“He’s a smith of words, so comfortable with it. I don’t think Conor wanted to come spitting venom like he usually does. What’s he going to say? I’m not going to the show thinking I’m going to win the verbal ju-jitsu match.

“Sometimes you have to lead with humility and show them they’re not going to win this.”

McGregor has always toyed with Chandler over what weight they will fight at.

“It’s a good fight,” McGregor said. “Did I tell you how much it’s going to weigh?” 185? See what happens. Stay ready. 205? Good with 205? Would you do 155?

Chandler said after the show that McGregor, 34, might not be able to handle the extra bulk he clearly carries.

“He’ll slim down a bit, I’m sure,” Chandler said. “You go to training camp and you’re going to lose excess mass. He’s definitely gained mass.

“Conor and I are about the same height. He chooses the right photos for his Instagram feed. Can he carry this mass well? Can it be fast, responsive? That remains to be seen, he is definitely much bigger.

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