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Conor McGregor praises ‘nice guy’ Michael Chandler but adds he will ‘cut through it’


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‘I told him, is 185 okay?’: Conor McGregor reveals phone call with ‘nice guy’ Michael Chandler ahead of their coaching fight on The Ultimate Fighter… but adds he ‘cuts’ him when they fight later this year

Conor McGregor has called Michael Chandler a “nice guy and a good fighter” after a phone call with the American, but added that he will “cut him” if they fight later this year.

McGregor, 34, has been out of the Octagon since breaking his leg in his last appearance against Dustin Poirier in July 2021.

He will face Chandler this year after UFC boss Dana White confirmed the news.

Speaking the mac life, McGregor said, “I like Michael, I had a good buzz with him yesterday. I have no problem with him at all. I think he is a good fighter. Just have a chat with him, he’s a nice guy.’

He claimed they had joked about the phone’s weight, when he asked the 36-year-old, “Do you know what weight we do, are you okay with 185?”

Conor McGregor will return to the UFC octagon for the first time since breaking his leg against Dustin Poirier in 2021

His opponent, Michael Chandler, also lost his last fight to Poirier when they met in November

His opponent, Michael Chandler, also lost his last fight to Poirier when they met in November

Chandler has never fought middleweight in the UFC, and fought in lightweight before his last fight in November, which he lost to Poirier.

Of their upcoming fight, McGregor added, “I think I’m just going to cut him. I think I’m a little too sharp for him than anyone else he’s fought—a little too spicy and too sweaty.”

Prior to their fight, the pair will coach against other teams in a new series of reality TV show The Ultimate Fighter.

“I’m curious about his coaching style,” McGregor said of Chandler. “He’s more of an athlete type than a technical martial artist. I know he has some skills in the wrestling department, and he has some skills in general, but as far as the little, finer details, I’m not sure.

‘I’m happy where I am. It’s going to be interesting to go against him (coaching) before I go against him (in the ring).

On his reasoning for joining the show, McGregor said, “(I want to) give back to the game, give my wisdom and knowledge to the next generation.

“I’ve always drawn my motivation from hard workers, people who chase their dreams, people who defy doubt, who don’t listen to outside noises, who are dedicated solely to their goal.

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McGregor will be under a lot of pressure when he faces Chandler after not winning a fight in three years

“What better example than a reality show like this, where they come in and fight for their lives? So I feed very well with this energy.’

The pressure will be on McGregor as he takes on Chandler after back-to-back losses to Poirier.

He hasn’t won a fight in over three years and has lost three of his four UFC fights.

Chandler also won only once in his last four fights, but beat Tony Ferguson by knockout in the second round last May.

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