Connecticut: Off-duty firefighter saves woman from burning car

An off-duty firefighter heroically saved the life of a woman who was injured in a car accident and ‘would have burned to death’ if not for the man’s actions.

Nicholas Perri Jr., a New York firefighter, pulled the woman out of his car Saturday over the weekend without the aid of protective equipment or hoses, authorities said.

The incident occurred around 3:15 a.m. in Brookfield, Connecticut, as Perri was driving home from her own shift with the White Plains Fire Department.

Perri was in a single-vehicle car accident and found the woman inside, incapacitated.

“Instinct, training kicked in and she ran and I did the best I could to get her out,” Perri said in an interview after saving.

This is the woman’s car after the fire department put out the fire caused by the single vehicle accident.

Nicholas Perri Jr Is A Firefighter With The White Plains Fire Department.  He Was Driving To His House From Work When He Ran Into The Car.

Nicholas Perri Jr is a firefighter with the White Plains Fire Department. He was driving to his house from work when he ran into the car.

Dashcam Footage From The Night Of The Incident Shows The Moments The Man Dragged The Woman To Safety.

Dashcam footage from the night of the incident shows the moments the man dragged the woman to safety.

The Off-Duty Firefighter Removed The Woman From The Car As The Flames Reached The Passenger Side Of The Vehicle.

The off-duty firefighter removed the woman from the car as the flames reached the passenger side of the vehicle.

The man himself got dangerously close to the fire, as even an article of clothing was burned, according to a statement from the Brookfield Volunteer Fire Company. said.

‘The jacket I was wearing was burned by the fire. If not for the courageous actions of Mr. Perri, the operator would have burned to death in her vehicle,” the statement read.

Perri did not hesitate to spring into action and save the woman, sustaining minor injuries in the process.

“I studied how she was there and then I broke the front passenger window. I was able to free one of her legs; the other one was pretty mangled, he was giving me a hard time,’ said the firefighter.

According to authorities, the man reached the woman just as the flames reached the passenger side of the car.

“He was yelling, ‘You have to work with me because we’re running out of time here,'” he told the victim.

Perri Said His Firefighter Training Began When He Saw The Single-Vehicle Crash.

Perri said his firefighter training began when he saw the single-vehicle crash.

Perri'S Jacket Was Burned During The Incident, Authorities Said After The Rescue.

Perri’s jacket was burned during the incident, authorities said after the rescue.

Volunteer Firefighters Arrived At The Scene And Found The Woman'S Vehicle Engulfed In Flames.

Volunteer firefighters arrived at the scene and found the woman’s vehicle engulfed in flames.

Dashcam footage from the night of the incident shows Perri dragging the woman to safety as they arrive on the scene.

When EMS and firefighters arrived on the scene, the car can be seen engulfed in flames.

The man’s response is now being heralded as heroic by both those on the scene and in the field.

“His actions are a testament to him, the White Plains Fire Department and the fire service in general,” the Brookfield volunteer organization said.

Authorities Said The Woman Would Have Burned To Death If Not For Perri'S Actions.

Authorities said the woman would have burned to death if not for Perri’s actions.

The woman, who was not initially identified, was taken to a hospital in Danbury, Connecticut, following the incident. A report He indicated that he is in the ICU.

No others were injured in the incident.

“I was the first firefighter on the scene in Brookfield, and there was no way the victim would have survived if he hadn’t done what he had done,” BVFC Chief Andrew Ellis said.

It is unknown what caused the single-vehicle crash.

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