Congressman becomes auctioneer to silence the right-wing protesters in the Twitter audience

<pre><pre>Congressman becomes auctioneer to silence the right-wing protesters in the Twitter audience

Missouri Republican congressman Billy Long has used a unique set of personal skills to drown a protester who interrupts a committee hearing involving Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

Mr. Long broke out in a song to the auctioneers to interrupt the protester, right-wing activist and writer Laura Loomer, during the hearing of the House Energy and Commerce Committee on social media.

Ms. Loomer, who previously alleged that the school shootings in Santa Fe, Texas, were staged, interrupted the hearing with complaints against Mr. Dorsey.

"President Donald Trump, help us, help us, Mr. President, before it's too late, because Jack Dorsey tries to influence the elections," he said, referring to Trump's recent statement that social networks are leaking the content published by the media. Conservatives

Laura Loomer during her protest


Ms. Loomer, who has previously been suspended from Twitter, He was quickly removed from the hearing by the authorities when Mr. Long's bizarre intervention provoked the laughter of the astonished audience.

When Mrs. Loomer left the room, an occurrence of Mr. Long provoked more laughter in the room: "I give way."

Mr. Long's Republican congressman, Greg Walden, also saw a clearer side of the incident.

"I think our auctioneer in residence will receive tweets today," he said.

Long has been an auctioneer for three decades and has been included in the Hall of Fame Professional Auctioneers of Missouri, according to the website of the House of Representatives.

In another part of the Capitol on Wednesday, another right-wing protester tried to get his voice heard.

Conservative conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones, split from a separate hearing on social media and foreign interference in the US election and collided with Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio.

Jones, whose Infowars site has been blocked by a group of websites, denounced what he called "a plan to destabilize conservatives, just like communist China."