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Concrete crisis: What is Raac and why is it dangerous?


“However, there are a lot of hand gestures out there,” Professor Black warned.

“It will tell you if there is no risk of corrosion, about a 50 percent risk or a 90 percent risk, but it’s not an exact science and it’s not an easy job. Even if your rebar is corroded, it depends on the nature of the concrete surrounding it, for example.”

However, if a board is found and known to be in poor condition, it may be possible to repair and replace it.

Professor Black added: “These materials are lightweight, it’s not like going in and changing a reinforced concrete beam. It’s something that can be done. “They can be dismantled, dismantled and replaced.”

He believes the reason this issue hasn’t been addressed before is a matter of cost.

“If the money for this comes from an operating budget and there are demands elsewhere, at what point do schools, hospitals and other public buildings say they really need additional support?

“Because if they don’t have the capital investment and it’s all coming from the same budget, then schools may have to choose between replacing ceiling panels or hiring a classroom aide.”

What does the Government say?

Gibb has said he hopes the affected schools will be made safe or alternative accommodation will be found quickly, and that classes will likely only be disrupted for a few days.

Keegan said children’s safety was the “absolute priority” and the “vast majority” of schools would not be affected.

Who pays for the schools affected by Raac?

Rishi Sunak also said there will be “extra money” for schools, but did not say whether it could come from the Treasury or the Department for Education.

“The Chancellor has been very clear that schools will receive additional money for these mitigations. It will not come from their existing school budgets,” the Prime Minister said.

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