Comparium : Automated Website Testing Tool


In today’s competitive market, having an attractive and accessible website for potential customers is what every company strives for. Therefore if there arises any issue with the website, it may put the company into deep trouble which might result in poor performance of sale in the future. Hence, to manage such websites properly by professionals, one needs to test the website regularly. If it runs smoothly, better results are expected in the future. It is hence said that before showing the website to the world to start using it, it is always better to conduct cross browser web testing. 

It is time-consuming and takes more effort if the testing is done manually. Hence, in such situations, one should search for genuine and reliable website testing tools which further shall help not only testing but also managing a business website without any hassle. Comparium is one such website which has vast experience and has various testing tools available in the market for the users across the world. 

Its main function is to help its clients to perform cross-browser web testing on the various web browser and even operating systems. One can use this perfect testing too to save hard-earned money and the utmost important thing in the world which is time. Also, enhancing the business website as far as performance is concerned shall come hand in hand.  

Features of Comparium Tool

Web Application

Comparium comes with a unique feature which is Avant-grade web application. This is vital as it helps users to avoid testing web browsers manually. Any layman can conduct web testing at any given time on various browsers and operating systems. 

Supports all Browsers and Operating system

Comparium has one such integrated tool which supports website testing on all types of operating systems and browsers like Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera etc. It is also possible to check website compatibility on Safari for Windows users. Using such a tool would enable to perform website testing effectively and smoothly on various browsers and operating system. Comparium also helps to easily perform web pages’ visual and browser compatibility on various platforms across the globe.


User Interface 

Comparium has a user-friendly interface. All options are easily accessible and one would love to simply run the test using Comparium being the best tool available. 

Offline Report

Comparium also helps in performing the test in offline mode. This feature is rarely available in the market. Hence, it saves efforts and time as one need not to wait to have an internet connection to complete the entire process. Reports are generated in the form of screenshots and sent to the users’ email id. As the testing process is simple, it can be used by anyone with a simple manual that is provided. One needs to enter URL and choose OS or browser and the process begins.



Final Verdict

Comparium is a website testing tool and one need not to pay anything from its pocket at any stage. So, it’s a perfect opportunity to make your sites compatible on various platforms and convert your site visitors to clients. Do try and see how the testing report screenshots show up on your email address.