Communicate better with your dog using door bells

A dog is man’s best friend and the two really get along very well. However, this relationship evolves and gets established over the course of time. To construct a good relation with your dog, effective communication is very important. It is good to understand its expressions, acts and gestures but at times, you need a bit more. How does the dog let you know that it wishes to go out of the house? It is obvious that it would not ask a question like humans. This is where you can make the situation easier by using dog door bells.

Dog Door bells have the opposite approach

We use a door bell to enter the house. For instance, if you have returned from office and wish to enter the house, you would ring the bell installed outside the house. This would notify your family members that you need to get in. A dog bell has the opposite functionality. To start with, it is installed inside the house. Secondly, a dog uses it to signal that it wishes to go out of the house in the garden or to the kennel present outside for meeting one of the pals. 

Important parameters to select door bells for dogs

With so many options for door bells present online, making the correct selection is a tough ask. Here are some key factors for selecting dog door bells.


  • Audible Range


There is no doubt that dogs have strong senses for smelling and hearing. However, humans cannot compete with them in both these areas. There is no point in having a dog doorbell that has a low sound. With such devices, the poor thing would keep notifying you that it wishes to move out of the house.  However, due to lack of range, it would be hard for you hear things. Thus, make sure that the bell has a good range so that you can hear it even while being at a distance.


  • Simple to use


The doorbell should be very simple to use. You cannot expect a button to go through a series of buttons and then press the correct one. The best dog door bells are the ones which start ringing with the tap of a paw.


  • Appropriate sturdiness to combat scratches


Irrespective of how well trained dogs are, they would not ring the bell in a sober way like humans.  While tapping the bell, dogs try to use their claws which results in scratches. If the bell does not have a rugged exterior, it would get damaged which would eventually effect its functionality. Conventional dog bells made of brass or steel do not get affected by scratches. However, in case of electronically operated bells, you need to be a bit careful because the exterior is made of plastic. Hence, these bells have greater risks of getting scratched.


  • Choosing the correct bell type


There are basically two types of dog bells. One is the conventional jingle one and the other is the one operated electronically. The selection depends on what your requirements are. If you do not sit away from your dog, the conventional jingle one would work perfectly. On the other hand, if you like sitting in one corner doing your work, an electronic bell with a high pitch would do the job well for you.


  • Water Resistance is important 


While tapping an electronic bell, your cuddly dog might topple its water bowl on it. If the device is not water resistant, it would not work again. To prevent this loss, buy a device with water resistance feature.  In other cases, you would have to purchase a new dog bell from time. After that, a dog is an animal and making such mistakes is expected.

Door bells for dogs help with better communication

As it is written above, dog owners should always aim at communicating with their best buddies. Using a good doorbells for dogs is a helpful way. When you hear the sound, you open the door so that it can wander out. There is no need to invest effort and understand the acts being shown.

Here are some other benefits of using dog door bells.


  • Smoother communication


The relationship between a dog and its owner depends a lot on how well you understand its signals. The poor animal can get immensely frustrated if it wants to go out of the house and the door is shut because you are unable to understand the gestures. With a dog doorbell in the house, you only need to keep a check on the sound. The moment you hear it, simply open the door.


  • No need to keep a check at all times


It is a tiring task to keep an eye on the dog from time to time to determine when it wants to move out. All this hassle is eliminated when a dog door bell is present. You can focus on important tasks and open the door when the bell is rung.


  • Doors remain scratch free


What is the most common signal shown by dogs when they want to go out? They go near the door and start scratching or biting it. For house owners, this can be a painful experience because the paint starts coming off. With a bell installed, the dog would not make an attempt to scratch the door. Thus, house owners do not have to worry about spending money on door repair.