Commanders owner Dan Snyder gave misleading testimony and meddled in House probe, report says

Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder lied to Congress when he testified in the House Oversight Committee’s investigation into sexual harassment allegations and hostile workplace allegations against NFL team. A damning and extensive report was released Thursday.  

The Committee’s report claims that the Commanders created an ‘intoxicating work culture’ for more then two decades. 

The Committee alleges that Snyder was directly involved with the misconduct. Snyder said that he inappropriately touched an employee at a dinner and requested a staff-produced video of’sexy footage of cheerleaders’. Snyder has previously denied the claims. 

The 58 year-old billionaire allegedly interfered with the NFL’s investigation into 2020 allegations about rampant sexual harassment by executive staff. Snyder is accused specifically of offering hush to witnesses, intimidating others, and ‘blocking’ the production of documents.

According to a damning and extensive report released Thursday, Daniel Snyder made misleading statements before Congress when he testified in the House Committee on Oversight and Reform’s investigation into sexual harassment and hostile workplace claims against the NFL’s Washington Commanders.

Snyder is accused of interfering with the league’s investigation, which was handled through attorney Beth Wilkinson’s company, by conducting his own shadow investigation, casting him as the victim in a defamation attack.

According to the congressional report, the shadow investigation was part of an effort to ‘deflect responsibility’ for the toxic work culture of the team.

Snyder also interfered in the Committee probe by’refusing former employees from their confidentiality obligation’ and blocking the Committee’s access tens of thousand of documents collected during Wilkinson Investigation.

Snyder, when he did testify before the committee, was evasive. He claimed more than 100 time that he had forgotten certain details.

“For example: Mr. Snyder admitted to using private detectives, but he said he was unaware of who his investigators approached and didn’t remember having conversations about the individuals targeted with his counsel,” read the report. 

The Democrats of the Committee made their findings public before the Republicans take control of Congress next month. They also accused the 58 year-old billionaire and his staff, along with the former Las Vegas Raiders head coaching Jon Gruden, of leaking racially offensive, years-old emails. Gruden was fired by the team last season. 

In the emails, which were sent more than a decade ago in some cases, Gruden said African-American players’ union executive director DeMaurice Smith had ‘lips the size of Michelin tires’ and also called NFL commissioner Roger Goodell a ‘f*****.’  

Publicizing Their Findings Before The Republicans Take Over Congress Next Month, The Committee'S Democrats Also Accused The 58-Year-Old Billionaire Or His Staff Of Leaking Racially Derogatory, Years-Old Emails From Former Las Vegas Raiders Head Coach Jon Gruden (Pictured), Who Was Subsequently Fired By That Team. According To Testimony By Former Commanders Team President Bruce Allen, The Recipient Of The Emails, Snyder Made The Leak To 'Send A Message' To Allen, One Of Snyder'S Perceived Enemies

The Committee’s Democrats made public their findings to Congress before the Republicans take control of Congress next month. They also accused the billionaire, 58, and his staff of leaking racist, years-old emails from Jon Gruden, former Las Vegas Raiders coach (pictured), which was then fired by that team. Bruce Allen, former Commanders team president, said that Snyder leaked the emails in order to’send something’ to Allen. Allen is one of Snyder’s perceived enemies.

Bruce Allen, the former commanders team president, testified that Snyder leaked the emails to Allen in late 2021 to send a message’ to him, one of his perceived enemies. 

According to Mr. Allen, Snyder’s actions indicated that he owned me with these emails. This affects my coworkers, alumni, and my friends, read a section from the 79 page report.

Allen also testified to the fact that Snyder was open to using private investigators in order to follow Goodell. 

“The investigators told Mr. Allen they were only there to follow you” and “document your actions,” read the report. ‘Mr. Allen testified that Snyder made comments about his plans to hire private investigators in order to follow other individuals, such as Commissioner Roger Goodell.

The report also accuses Snyder with preventing former employees from giving evidence to Wilkinson, the House Committee.  

Snyder released some ex-employees from non-disclosure arrangements, but his lawyers wrote to Wilkinson, 2020, explaining that the woman he had accused of sexual harassment in 2009 would not be allowed to testify as part Wilkinson’s investigation.

According to the Washington Post in 2009, Snyder privately settled the sexual harassment claim against him for $1.6 million. This was after an incident aboard a private plane. The woman, a former member of the club, claimed Snyder groped her while they were both on a private plane returning from Las Vegas.

Snyder’s attorneys allegedly offered Snyder’s 2009 accuser a substantial sum of money in exchange for her avoiding speaking to anyone about Snyder’s allegations and the settlement she had made with the team. 

John Brownlee (commanders’ legal counsel) released a statement Thursday claiming that the investigation was ‘one-sided and that there were no new revelations in it.

The statement stated that the investigators criticize the team and Mr. Snyder because they provided evidence to the Committee, such as emails sent from workplace accounts by former team employees — that revealed the real causes of the dysfunctional workplace environment at the Team.

Former Team President Bruce Allen (Right In 2018) Also Testified That Snyder Discussed Using Private Investigators To Accumulate Information About Nfl Commissioner Roger Goodell In An Effort To Gain Leverage Over The League As It Investigated Himself And The Team. Furthermore, Allen Claimed He Was Followed By Snyder'S Private Investigators. Snyder (Left) Has Enlisted An Investment Bank To Help Him Look Into Selling The Nfl Franchise

Former team president Bruce Allen (right in 2018) also testified that Snyder discussed using private investigators to accumulate information about NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in an effort to gain leverage over the league as it investigated himself and the team. Allen also claimed that he was being followed by Snyder’s private detectives. Snyder (left), has enlisted the assistance of an investment bank in order to sell the NFL franchise. 

Congressman Byron Donalds (Republican-Florida), Listens To Nfl Commissioner Roger Goodell Testify Remotely During The House Oversight And Reform Committee Hearing Titled Tackling Toxic Workplaces: Examining The Nfls Handling Of Workplace Misconduct At The Washington Commanders, In Rayburn Building On Wednesday, June 22

Congressman Byron Donalds (Republican-Florida), listens to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell testify remotely during the House Oversight and Reform Committee hearing titled Tackling Toxic Workplaces: Examining the NFLs Handling of Workplace Misconduct at the Washington Commanders, in Rayburn Building on Wednesday, June 22

Sexual harassment claims against team employees surfaced at the beginning of 2020. These allegations range from inappropriate comments to the creation and distribution of a lewd video behind-the scenes from a 2008 cheerleader calendar shoot.

A former cheerleader claimed that Dan Snyder, the team owner, suggested to her that she meet his “close friend” in a hotel room in order for them to get to know each others.

These revelations prompted Beth Wilkinson (DC-area attorney) to conduct an investigation on the team. But the league quickly took over the probe, with Wilkinson’s team reporting directly to the commissioner.

The NFL issued a $10 million penalty to the club. It is estimated that the club is worth $5.6 billion. Snyder agreed to hand over control of the team to Tanya.

The league refused to release a report, citing privacy concerns from witnesses, prompting the Oversight Committee and the NFL to launch their own investigations into Snyder and the team.

Redskins Cheerleaders Seen Dancing As Part Of A 2004 Event, Where Tiffany Bacon Scourby Claims Snyder Suggested She Spend Some Time With A Close Friend Of His In A Nearby Hotel Room

Redskins cheerleaders were seen dancing in an event in 2004, where Tiffany Bacon Scourby claimed that Snyder suggested that she spend some time with a friend of hers in a nearby hotel.

Ex-Commanders Employee Tiffani Johnston Told Congress' Oversight Committee That Snyder Once Groped Her Thigh During A Team Dinner And Pushed Her Toward His Limousine With His Hand On Her Lower Back. Snyder Has Denied The Allegation

Tiffani Johnston, an ex-Commanders employee, told Congress’ Oversight Committee Snyder once groped her thigh at a team dinner and then pushed her towards his limousine with his hand on the lower back. Snyder has denied the allegation. 

This investigation has led to further allegations of sexual harassment. Specifically, former team employee Tiffani Johnston testified in February that Snyder grabbed her thigh at a team dinner and pressured her to get into a limousine – claims that Snyder has since denied.

Johnston’s testimony sparked a new league investigation, currently being led Mary Jo White (ex-US attorney and chairwoman Securities and Exchange Commission).

Republicans intend to drop the case when the take over of the House in January. Earlier this week, a memo was circulated to the Committee’s GOP members, claiming that the Democrats-led probe ‘leaned upon unsubstantiated allegations as fact’.

The minority staff memo stated that the investigation into the Committee Democrats had only one goal since inception: to force Dan Snyder, Team owner, to give up the Team. 

The Republican members of Congress accused Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon and Washington Post, of publishing negative stories about Snyder as part of his reported attempt to buy the team. 

Recently Snyder and Tanya, his spouse, approached Bank of America to discuss selling a part of the entire team. He bought it in 1999. 

“In the last month as news organizations reported the Snyder family was working alongside a financial institution to examine possible financial transactions related the Team, including its sale, a long-running theory regarding what could have prompted Committee Democrats to investigate was given more credence,” the Republicans’ statement continued. 

‘Within hours, the news broke that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos had expressed an interest in buying the team. Bezos has been long rumored as being interested in the purchase of the team. Bezos also owns The Washington Post, which has been critical of Dan Snyder’s reporting and has been a driving force in the investigation by Committee Democrats. 

“Given the predetermined, targeted nature of Committee Democrats’ investigation into the Team and its owner it seems that the entire effort had as its goal the removal and installation of an unfavored owner and a left-leaning newspaper supportive of the Democratic party.”

Fired Commanders President Bruce Allen Testified That Snyder Planned To Use Private Investigators To Follow Himself And Nfl Commissioner Roger Goodell

Bruce Allen, President of the Fired Commands, testified that Snyder had in mind to hire private investigators to follow him and Roger Goodell. 

The Oversight Committee’s investigation also revealed that there were allegations that the team withheld security deposits from season ticket holders.

The District of Columbia sued the team over the alleged scheme. Last month, the Maryland Commanders reached a settlement with the state of Maryland. They agreed to repay season-ticket holders who were cheated and pay a $250,000 penalty for a related investigation.

Washington DC Attorney-General Karl Racine also sued Snyder, the Commanders, and the NFL for its handling of sexual harassment allegations. 

Racine stated that the team and its owner had caused serious and very real harm over the years and then lied about it in order to avoid accountability at a November press conference. They did it to conceal the truth, protect themselves and allow the profits to continue to roll.

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