Come on and slam: ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’ toys and collectibles heat up at Walmart

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Space Jam: A New Legacy has a collectible dating back to ’90s blockbusters (Photo: Walmart)

To remember space jam? It was made in the mid 90s, a time when the big Hollywood studios said, “Why not?” a lot of. On one of those occasions it said, “Why? not make that two advertisement where Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny play basketball in an $80 million (about $137 million today) animated/live-action hybrid?”

So it went, and while the critics were mixed at the time, the film was a huge hit in stores across the country, as kids flocked to their local McDonalds for plush toys, and their local Walmart Supercenters for classic plastic Playmates figures from Jordan, the Tune Squad and the evil Monstars.

Finally a sequel to Space Jam is expected to hit theaters, with Lebron “King” James himself acting as both star and producer. And with this revival of the franchise, a merchandising blitz aligns with the biggest blockbusters of yesteryear. With classic throwback merchandise and brand new collectibles for the modern market, there are so many ways to “come on and slam”. And nowadays you don’t have to drive to that local Walmart anymore because they are all available at In view of the biggest names in collectibles today, and a look back at the Space Jam merch we all had in ’96, we picked some of the best collectibles Space Jam: A New Legacy has to offer.

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Fan favorite character is back with some brand new tricks up her sleeve… you know, if she had sleeves.  (Photo: Walmart)

Fan favorite character is back with some brand new tricks up her sleeve… you know, if she had sleeves. (Photo: Walmart)

You can’t talk about collectibles without talking about Funko Pop! figurines. It’s hard to believe that the now globally dominant figure format only started a decade ago, but these days you can get every pop culture icon you love, from Tupac Shakur to Twin PeaksLaura Palmer, in the pint-sized Funko form. While some of the characters from Space Jam: A New Legacy got the Funko treatment, we select the fan favorite lola rabbit, first introduced in the original Space Jam, thanks to her renewed role in the sequel, in which she is voiced by Emmy winner Zendaya!

Score some in-game points and two Funko-fied figurines to boot.  (Photo: Walmart)

Score some in-game points and two Funko-fied figurines to boot. (Photo: Walmart)

If, like some of us, you missed April’s pre-order on the exclusive Walmart Space Jam: A New Legacy Lebron James Funko Pop! figure, don’t worry. There are other ways to get a Funko-fied King James. You can even do it in a way that will take some of these unique collectibles off the shelf and take them to your next family or friends game night.

Funkoverse is a new strategy game from the folks at Funko that uses minifigures created in the classic Funko Pop! style as part of a light and fun game that the experts of called “an excellent entry-level skirmish game that offers solid replay value”. Previous episodes of Funkoverse included characters from the world of Batman, Harry Potter even The Golden Girls, which puts Bugs and LeBron in some pretty eclectic company. So if you’re an avid table-top gamer or looking for a new way to play after beating the 8-bit homage Space Jam: A New Legacy video game on Xbox Game Pass (with your exclusive Tune Squad Controller), this is the way to go.

Buy it: Funko Games POP! Funkover: Space Jam: A New Legacy, $29,

Animated icons and an NBA All-Star, now in huggable form.  (Photo: Walmart)

Animated icons and an NBA All-Star, now in huggable form. (Photo: Walmart)

In the heyday of Happy Meals, all the big movies had tethered toys, but contrary to your memory, those Space Jam hugs from the past weren’t in the little red box with your burger and chips; they were actually an add-on when buying a chicken sandwich. They were also misshapen and not very pleasing to the eyes.

Fortunately, the team at Melbourne’s Moose Toys has revamped the classic Space Jam plushies, featuring iconic favorites such as tazo, Tweety and daffy along with cartoon LeBron look like they’ve fallen off the screen and into your own personal toy bin. They even come with a cute “To & From” hangtag so you can make this one Space Jam: A New Legacy is part of your own pop culture heritage. And best of all, all of these plushies are available at walmartNo need for a chicken sandwich.

Buy it: Space Jam: A New Legacy Soft Plush, $8,

if you say now

Now when you say “Drop it”, you mean you’re dropping dimes! (Photo: Walmart)

Whether they’re up against Mr. Swackhammer by Danny DeVito or Al G. Rhythm by Don Cheadle, the Tune Squad will need all the help they can get, and so will your four-legged friend. After all, if Air Bud taught us, “There are no rules that say a dog can’t play basketball.” If your furry friend likes to play dress up, make sure they are the coolest pup in the dog park with this official Tune Squad jersey. The lightweight mesh material won’t hinder your pet’s mobility and it’s machine washable, just in case the costume inspires your pup to have a little playtime of their own.

The Three B's: Barks, Bones, and Buckets!  (Photo: Walmart)

The Three B’s: Barks, Bones, and Buckets! (Photo: Walmart)

Let’s have a moment of total honesty here: sometimes it’s fun to buy toys for the pets because you can justify it’s “not for me” while still reliving the hustle and bustle of those kiddie trips to the toy store. So just like how you had that jet black official license Space Jam basketball back in 1996, now you can bring back a bit of the fun on the full court of the Tune Squad with this adorable Tune Squad Vinyl Squeaker Balls. At just $7 for a pack of three, these offer a sustainable and affordable way to bring a little pop culture into your pet’s playtime.

A king joins the Noble Collection.  (Photo: Walmart)

A king joins the Noble Collection. (Photo: Walmart)

Revered by serious collectors for their stunningly detailed replicas of props from legendary movie franchises, the Noble Collection has recently expanded into bendable figure format, with their Bendyfigs line featuring characters from Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, Star Trek and much more.

Now they have used their painstaking talents to Space Jam: A New Legacy, with figures of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Lola Bunny and of course, LeBron James. These figures are exclusive to Walmart, so you’ll need to act fast to score them all.

Buy it: LeBron James BendyFigs 7″ Walmart Exclusive, $15,


Say “Hope, there it is!” (Photo: Walmart)

Once you’ve had enough Space Jam: A New Legacy, opening on July 16, you and your family might want to play some baseball. Well, there’s only one way to do it. from Spalding, the name in basketball equipment, comes with a durable portable hoop that can provide the perfect practice space for your own aspiring ballers. Plus, with an adjustable height that can range from 4.5′ to 6.5′, you can even drop it and score some easy dunks yourself while no one is looking. We don’t tell, we promise.

Buy it: Spalding Space Jam 32″ Youth Portable Basketball Hoop, $98,

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