COMBAR Pro is now one of the world’s favorite adventure toolkits

Seasoned mountain climbers, hunters and adventurers alike will all know exactly how important it is to have the right tools on hand when you need them the most. Out in the wild – having a tool that is reliable, conveniently sized for accessibility, and won’t crack under the pressure could be the difference between cherished memories of encountered challenges overcome and a nightmare trip. We’re going to unpack some of the best tools available for adventurer’s today and which are our must-have tools.

Leaver Gear 40-in-1 tool


A relative newcomer to the scene, the ACLIM8 COMBAR PRO has become one of the top selling, most highly rated adventure toolkits worldwide. Founded in 2014, the COMBAR Pro comes in weighing just 3.2 pounds. This multifunctional tool has been designed to expertly cater to a host of bushcraft and survival scenarios and incorporates a heavy duty axe, shovel and hammer, as well as a drop point skeletonized knife and a folding saw with replaceable and interchangeable blades all wrapped up into one simple, tough and highly functional tool. This is our top pick of todays available adventure toolkits. 


An icon in its own right, the Leatherman is largely known as one of the most advanced multipurpose tools ever made. While it may seem like a  controversial second choice, the Leatherman packs a mean punch and has a truly impressive track record. However, It lacks the size and strength of the COMBAR Pro and is really better suited to more intimate, small scale work. Whatever the COMBAR lacks in terms of complex tools, it more than makes up for in focused 5-in-1 capability and premium quality material selection. 

Leaver Gear 40-in-1 tool

Leaver Gear 40-in-1 tool

The size of a credit card, this incredibly versatile and often underestimated tool can be kept with you at all times and provides a multitude of functions. Although it may not have the size that other tools might offer, it offers vital functionality for smaller and more delicate operations. This compact, multi-purpose tool can be brought along just about anywhere!

The Atomic Bear

Another small, but powerful tool, the Atomic Bear contains an emergency knife, whistle, an alarm whistle and firelighters, all wrapped up into one conveniently small and strong place. This tool can be stored around your wrist, and can be quickly and easily removed and used whenever the need arises. 

A 26 Piece Paracord Survival Kit

Again, as suggested in the name, this kit contains 26 tools including a razor blade, fishing kit, a first aid kit, a thermal blanket and many others. Conveniently packaged into one tiny handheld package of rope, the multi-piece survival kit can attach to your bag via a carabiner and is an excellent investment for anyone heading out into the wild. 


Ultimately you are going to want to have the best possible tools with you when you’re out adventuring. Although all of the items above are excellent additions to your toolkits, the COMBAR Pro is a world-class tool and a must have for any serious adventurer or outdoorsman.