Colonial Brewing Co changes its name after Melbourne backlash

Popular beer changes name after traditional name was labeled ‘stupid and demeaning’ and pulled from shelves

  • Colonial Brewing Co will now be known as CBCo Brewing, the company has revealed
  • Rebranding comes after old name was described as ‘stupid and demeaning’
  • Bottle chain Blackhearts & Sparrows has previously dumped the company’s products



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A popular brewery has rebranded itself after a bottled store chain pulled its beers from its shelves because its traditional name was “stupid and demeaning.”

Colonial Brewing Co will now be known as CBCo Brewing, with the company saying it made the change to “better reflect modern flavor and connect with who we are as a company.”

In 2020, the company’s product was removed from bottle store chain Blackhearts & Sparrows after Melbourne chef and writer Shaad D’Souza called the name “stupid and demeaning”.

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Colonial Brewing Co will now be known as CBCo Brewing, the company has announced. Pictured on the left is the old branding and on the right the new labeling

Blackhearts & Sparrows sourced the products from all its facilities in Victoria and Tasmania.

Now the brewery has changed its name after ‘extensive’ discussions.

“After extensive consultation with all of our key stakeholders, our customers and our employees, we have decided that we will move to the new name CBCo Brewing,” said director Lawrence Dowd in a social media video.

“We look forward to celebrating our new name.”

The change is the final step to rebrand popular products for fear of offending.

In 2020, Nestle announced that the classic Australian lollipops would be renamed Redskins and Chicos so as not to ‘marginalize’ consumers.

Managing director Lawrence Dowd said in a social media video that the decision was made after ‘extensive’ discussions

Company made the change to ‘better reflect modern flavors and connect with who we are as a company’

Nestle said the decision was made because redskin is a slang term for Native Americans in the US, where it was considered offensive, while chico, which is Spanish for “boy,” is also used in a derogatory way.

“This decision recognizes the need to ensure that nothing we do marginalizes our friends, neighbors and colleagues,” the company said in a statement.

Meanwhile, the popular 86-year-old Coon Cheese brand saw its name change to Cheer Cheese in the wake of the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests.


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