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Coles customer uproar over self-serve checkout change in Australia


An irate Coles customer has berated the supermarket giant ‘for making us look like idiots’, while police are flailing for adding more self-service checkouts.

Furious TikToker Ashy_anne_ filmed herself passing items through a self-service checkout and added a caption to the video stating that if she’s going to “work for Coles” she might as well get an employee discount.

The grumpy post was in response to the supermarket giant’s decision to install more self-service checkouts, leaving less manned checkouts with conveyor belts.

The latest complaint from shoppers went viral on social media as the TikTokker continued to target the “billion-dollar company.”

“Coles Supermarkets really does make us all look like idiots,” the post’s caption read.

The mother was seen at the post in a black and white dress as she hurriedly rummaged through her belongings.

‘What a dork. I work here for Coles and I don’t even get an employee discount on my high priced groceries,” the TikTokker wrote (pictured)

The mother's post went viral on social media when she took aim at the

The mother’s post went viral on social media when she took aim at the “billion dollar company” (pictured, the TikTokker ashy_anne_)

‘What a dork. I work here for Coles and I don’t even get an employee discount on my high priced groceries,” the customer captioned her video.

Online commentators said she didn’t miss much with the employee discount, while some Coles employees took aim at her.

“Don’t complain about self checkout, I work there and all the people say the same thing, you don’t like it, don’t go there,” one employee said.

“Babe, don’t worry, the staff only get five percent [discount] anyway,” wrote another.

But others said they just loved the self-service checkouts.

“I personally don’t understand the problem, I don’t see it as doing their job. I like to pack it the way I want and don’t talk to people,” one wrote.

But other customers continued to lash out at the supermarket giant on social media.

‘Coles, you are a disgrace! The situation at the checkouts in Southland is unacceptable,” said an Aussie shopper last week.

“I waited 27 minutes from standing in line to paying for my groceries. The cashier said it was common practice and I ask if it would make a difference if I complained, she said no. I went to the service desk and complained, he said sorry and that was it!

You can’t keep doing this to your customers. I spend over $350 a week and refuse to scan and pack my own groceries when I have so much stuff.”

Another Coles customer who had shopped at the store for 35 years hated the new self-checkout checkouts.

“Yes, I know you can ask for service, but sheer greed and the battle for market share is now driving people out of their jobs and our young people,” they said last week.

“Yes, Coles says they will be repurposing those in these roles, but once they leave, these staff members will not be replaced.”

A Coles spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia it offers customers a range of checkout options.

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“Coles and Woolies win with unpaid labor while increasing costs for us,” one commenter said of customers having to do their own scan

“Coles gives our customers more choice in how they can checkout in our stores and pack their bags the way they want,” the spokesperson said.

“In the past 12 months, we have seen increased customer satisfaction and adoption of our self-service options since completing upgrades in more than 800 stores and rolling out trolley self-checkouts with conveyor belts in more than 350 stores.

“If customers prefer to be served by a Team Member, there is of course always someone available in the service area to serve them.”

It added that the rollout of self-checkout checkouts is reducing time spent queuing, adding that it has hired 22,000 new employees compared to five years ago.

Stores with hybrid belted cash registers mean that these cash registers can be used by customers in self-service mode, or that these cash registers can be used by a team member to scan and pack for each customer who wants to be served.

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