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Colby Covington: ‘Leon Edwards is the biggest cheater I’ve ever seen’


Colby Covington weighed in and formally made champion weight throughout the UFC 286 weigh-ins as a backup for the centerpiece in between Leon Edwards and Kamaru Usman He sat cage side and watch Edwards effectively safeguard his welterweight title. Throughout the occasion’s post-fight interview, UFC president Dana White validated that Covington will get the next title shot. Covington was inquired about the UFC 286 centerpiece and thinks about both Usman and Edwards to be ‘cheaters.’ Covington has actually lost two times to Usman. “What I thought of the centerpiece is, damn male, I believed Marty Fakenewsman was a cheater. Guy, Leon Scott’s the greatest cheater I’ve ever seen,” Covington informed Submission Radio. “The man speaks about ‘headshot, dead’. Man ought to be discussing, cage grab, nut grab, nut kick, brief grab, this grab. I suggest, the man did whatever you might perhaps do to cheat in the battle. I suggest, he made Marty Fakenewsman appear like a choirboy out there. The man’s simply a f ** king cheater. He’s a piece of sh * t, and I didn’t make much of the battle,” continued Covington. “Honestly, Marty appeared like a shell of his previous self. I do not understand if it was the 2 battles that he had with me and the harsh whippings that he needed to take at my hands or whatnot, however it simply appears like he’s squandered. He’s in films, he’s attempting to get to Hollywood, and he’s simply not the exact same man any longer. Which’s the fact. Everyone saw that.” Covington didn’t believe Edwards did anything ‘unique’ versus Usman, and prepares to ‘expose’ the champ. “There wasn’t anything unique from Leon Scott. And, you understand, I’m delighted to get my hands on him now. He’s got no place to conceal, no place to run. And the very best part is, you can currently see how scared he is. He’s scared. You can see it in the method he’s going, ‘oh, Colby’s not …’ No, I’m next, brother. I’m second on the planet. I’m plainly the next competitor,” stated Covington. “You’re discussing, oh, he hasn’t combated in this. Brother! You battled Nate Diaz, and prior to that you removed 2 years. You’re one of the most non-active fighters in the whole history of the business. The person’s a f ** king joke. He’s gon na get exposed, and he understands I’m pertaining to get that belt. He’s not the champ today, he’s simply a placeholder for me.” UFC 286 highlights video: Leon Edwards vs Kamaru Usman.

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