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Cody Simpson and Emma McKeon confront love triangle rumours involving fellow swimmer Kyle Chalmers

Cody Simpson and Emma McKeon confront sensational ‘love triangle’ split that saw pop star BLOCKED arctic dream by Kyle Chalmers – on the eve of their Commonwealth Games campaign

  • Chalmers used to date McKeon and pulled out of the World Championships
  • When it went public, she was in a relationship with Cody Simpson, Chalmers backflips
  • That meant the former pop star by Chalmers. was pushed out of the Aussie team
  • Now the couple talks about the love triangle, the drama and the tension caused

They may be Australia’s newest pool gold couple, but there has been some murky water surrounding the relationship of former pop star Cody Simpson and 11-time Olympic medalist Emma McKeon.

The couple are enjoying their time together in Europe leading up to the Birmingham Commonwealth Games where they will both compete.

However, their newfound love was overshadowed by claims that McKeon’s ex-boyfriend and fellow Team Australia member Kyle Chalmers blocked Simpsons entry to the dolphins’ ranks.

Both Simpson and McKeon will be speaking about their love triangle, Chalmers, swimming and more tonight on 7NEWS Spotlight and Daily Mail Australia has been granted early access to their interview.

Simpson was sensationally blocked by Kyle Chalmers after he sacrificed his nascent music career to train for his first love, swimming.

Chalmers had originally made the decision not to travel to Hungary for the world championships earlier this year, but returned after Simpson dating his ex-girlfriend McKeon went public.

Cody Simpson and Emma McKeon appear on 7NEWS Spotlight Sunday night for an exclusive interview

Cody Simpson and Emma McKeon appear on 7NEWS Spotlight Sunday night for an exclusive interview

At the time, Chalmers was strongly opposed to suggestions that his backflip was due to a personal vendetta against Simpson. He then lost his chance in Hungary, finishing 22nd in the field for the men’s 100m butterfly and missing the semifinals.

Now, on the same team as the glamor couple, Chalmers will aim for the world’s fastest 100m freestyle at the Commonwealth Games.

McKeon wants to expand her record 12 medals – including eight medals – from the last two Commonwealth Games.

Simpson competed in the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games as part of the entertainment and this time will compete in the pool.

Cody Simpson and girlfriend Emma McKeon stroll through Barcelona during a break from training

The couple prepare for the Commonwealth Games and visit local businesses hand in hand

Simpson and girlfriend McKeon are seen in Barcelona earlier this year during a break from training

McKeon said they were just trying to enjoy each other’s company and shut out the outside news and rumors of Chalmers’ influence on their relationship and careers.

“I guess that’s just life. Everyone has an opinion about everything and we have a really great relationship and we love each other’s company and that’s all that matters to us,” she said.

‘We get along so well. We are like best friends and yes. We just love each other’s company and yes. All that sort of thing.

“It’s refreshing and peaceful and exciting and yeah, I don’t really know what else to say about it. It’s just, I’m really happy.’

The storm of controversy that saw Simpson make the Australian team, lose his spot to Chalmers and then reclaim it isn’t the best way to make your Commonwealth Games debut.

Chalmers initially withdrew from the World Championships before changing his mind

Chalmers initially withdrew from the World Championships before changing his mind

But he said the entire team, not just McKeon, had been incredibly helpful.

“Obviously there’s been quite a bit of drama, in the media and that around, the whole team dynamic and, but no, there was nothing but support around, I got on the team, made the team,” he said.

“I’ve been given a very warm welcome by the current Australian team and all the swimmers in it and have kind of been able to befriend and make friends, with everyone on the team and I feel really welcomed by everyone,”

“So I’ve never really felt tense.”

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