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CoD Warzone 2 turns cheaters into test subjects and bullies them badly


Cheaters are rendered harmless in Warzone 2 in order to study them.

The fight against cheaters in multiplayer games will probably never be over. Nevertheless, developers naturally try to be one step ahead of the scammers and render them harmless as quickly as possible. Warzone 2 now shows which new functions the anti-cheat tool Ricochet, developed for Call of Duty, now has that are intended to make life difficult for dishonest players.

No kills for cheaters

In a blog entry the developers describe what has recently happened at Ricochet. Thus, convicted cheaters in Warzone 2 are rendered harmless with various measures that were already used in the predecessor. They no longer see enemies, do no damage to them, or are simply disarmed:

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In addition to the three measures presented, there are others in use or under development.

While there is certainly glee when a convicted cheater is taken down, these measures also have a very practical purpose. Because if the dishonest players are not banned immediately, valuable data can be collected that will help in the further development of Ricochet. At the same time, this ensures that they do not spoil the fun of the game for others.

Of course, the developers are also working on being able to recognize cheaters better and earlier. Two new tools have been introduced for this purpose:

  • Examination of records: Every match in Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 can now be fully recorded and examined afterwards. In ranked mode, all matches in the highest ranks are automatically recorded and saved, as are all matches of suspicious accounts.
  • Hardware detection: It’s also possible with special hardware to intentionally gain gameplay advantages in Call of Duty. However, this can now be discovered, which initially leads to a warning and can also be punished with a ban if it is used further.

What do you think of the new measures against cheaters in Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2? Do you think most dishonest players are getting caught now? Or are you more afraid that Ricochet still has big gaps and there are still too many cheaters? Write your opinion in the comments!

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