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CoD Warzone 2 & MW2: Server down, Battlenet disruption or slow download – what helps? – WhatsNew2Day


Especially with the huge updates for Call of Duty, the servers can sometimes go down. If you are installing the Season 3 Patch for CoD Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 If you have problems, the servers appear down or the download is slow, just read on.

We summarize the common solutions and tips so that your download will hopefully run faster. We’ll help with the general tips and then focus on Battle.net in particular, which has often groaned under the large CoD downloads in the past.

In the meantime, if you’ve got a few hours anyway, check out the massive Season 3 patch notes:

General Tips

Let’s get to the general help first. A slow download may be related to your internet connection. First, turn the following screws to improve your connection:

  • Reboot your router by unplugging it for a few minutes.
  • Switch to a wired LAN connection if you use WiFi.
  • Test your internet speed with the Ookla speed testto rule out external problems.
  • Closes all programs that eat up bandwidth unnecessarily.
  • Restart Battle.net.

Still having download problems? Try these tricks

Removes the download limit

If you have a download limit set on Battle.net or Steam, remove it in Settings. This is the only way for the client to use the full bandwidth available to you.

Change region on Battle.net

You can try changing your region on Battle.net. If you set it to Asia or America, the lower server load there could result in faster download rates. Select the region by clicking on the globe icon after pausing the download and then restarting it:

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If you’re using a VPN, you can use redirection to redirect download traffic to a different region. Choose a server for your VPN in a country where it is night or early morning. On Timeanddate.de you can find the current times.

Then start your Battle.net and check whether the download rate accelerates. As with all tips, there is no guarantee it will help. If necessary, you still have the option of waiting until night to sit out the slow download.

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