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CoD Warzone 2 is now bringing back an extremely popular variant of its predecessor – WhatsNew2Day


In Plunder, cash comes first, not kills.

After the release of Modern Warfare 2, many popular modes from the predecessors were not yet available, the developers are delivering them with the three seasons so far. On April 26th, another mode for Warzone 2, which was already extremely popular in the first Warzone, will unexpectedly appear.

What is junk?

Plunder, or loot, is a squad-based twist on the classic battle royale that’s all about money. The aim here is to collect two million dollars as quickly as possible in a match. The squad that reaches the amount first wins. You can find money in supply chests and scattered loosely around the world, take it from killed players, or get it through quests.

In Plunder you can also respawn after death, but you will lose the money you have collected. The new mode is playable from now onas Activision announced yesterday with a short trailer:

CoD Warzone 2: Plunder is back!  Short clip introduces game mode

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CoD Warzone 2: Plunder is back! Short clip introduces game mode

However, Warzone 2 loot money is not an exact copy of the game mode from the first Warzone. At buying stations you can buy killstreaks and particularly powerful weapons for money, and new public events should also provide variety. The developers already have some of them in a blog entry listed:

  • blood money: Double money for killing and looting an enemy operator
  • Cannon Fodder, Contractor and Chokehold: No description yet

Several of these events can be active during a match. The blog entry also introduces two useful items that you can purchase at Buy Stations:

  • Credit card: For a small fee you get a 10 percent discount on all your purchases.
  • life insurance: If you die, you keep half of your collected money.

As you play Plunder, you can also earn nine new rewards, including a vehicle camouflage, calling cards, and more.

Are you excited about the return of Plunder and do you like the new features the developers have come up with? Have you already played and enjoyed the mode in Warzone 1? Or would you have wished for something else for Warzone 2? Write your opinion in the comments!

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