Cocktails are sometimes difficult to make, so Barsys has created a smart roller coaster that helps you do better

Drink! It is something that many people do, and it is also something that many people do not. If you like to enjoy a drink occasionally, chances are you have experienced what is probably best known as the & # 39;Cocktail Revival": The global movement that has brought mixed drinks of different origins into the hands of imbibers around the world. (I would find it beginning around 2010 because, according to Food & Wine, then the informal cocktail bar started.)


The next wave is of course to make those sometimes complicated drinks yourself, at home. Because even if cocktails are easily accessible, the admission price – read: ingredients and what good service costs – can sometimes feel a bit high. That is where the Coaster for Barsys comes in.

Barsys, the inventors of the $ 1,000 robot bartender, have made a slim, elegant dish of $ 149 that claims that you can make perfect cocktails at home. (If you pre-order the roller coaster, you can get it for a sweet $ 95; they start shipping in December.) The Barsys Coaster is a smart device that is supposed to guess how much to give: all you have to do place your glass on the roller coaster, attach it to the app and start pouring.

Their app will explain what you need, and the roller coaster will light up when you finish casting. "With the Coaster, we wanted to make serving a cocktail as simple as grabbing a beer or pouring a glass of wine," Barsys founder and CEO Akshet Tewari wrote in a press release. "Making cocktails requires a level of skill and precision that everyone can now obtain."

The holidays are coming, which means that you have to look for gifts for family members that you are May don't know very well. And to be honest, for those people, what is better than giving a perfect cocktail at home? If they drink, then they do. If not, try