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Cocaine market manipulated by local cartels through texts threatening to stop dealers selling bricks


Read the extraordinary texts from criminal gangs ‘ordering’ Australia’s cocaine dealers to freeze supplies to halt a slump in the price of the party drug

  • Encrypted texts show criminals manipulating the drug market
  • Asked dealers to ‘freeze’ supply to drive up price
  • Criminal cartels include prominent motorcycle gangs

Encrypted texts have revealed local crime gangs are manipulating the cocaine market after it was overrun by international syndicates last year.

The criminal cartels, including a number of prominent outlaw motorcycle gangs, try to protect their profits by stopping the sale of cocaine cubes (1 kg) in order to drive the price of the designer drug back up.

The lyrics indicate that there will be dire consequences for those who disobey orders.

Although the sale of stones is prohibited, dealers are still allowed to sell grams and ounces to make a living.

Encrypted texts have revealed local cartels are manipulating the cocaine market by banning the sale of 1kg chunks of cocaine until the price rises (stock image)

“To my dear brethren of the underworld, I want us all to sit back and stop all supply of stones for four weeks and let me with a little patience raise the market,” reads one of the messages, as reported by the Age.

“I have spoken to all parties and everyone has agreed and is happy to turn off the tap and stop this price war! As long as we all hit a ball together and are on the same wavelength.’

The price of a brick had fallen below $200,000 after a series of large imports from supposedly international groups.

The ban on the sale of bricks will not be lifted until the price rises above $200,000 again.

In one post, a user quotes American billionaire and stock market expert Warren Buffet.

“The stock market is a vehicle for transferring money from the impatient to the patient – Warren Buffett,” the message reads.

The reports blamed Albanian, Canadian, South American and British crime groups for disrupting the local supply of imported goods.

“You are desperately entering our country to sell and sell, trying to dictate our market,” reads another message.

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The cartels said the consequences would be suffered by those who oppose the ban, blaming international criminal groups for flooding and manipulating the market (stock image)

Threats of violence are not unknown to those who manipulate the cocaine market.

Last October, a cartel known as The Commission — founded by imprisoned bike boss Mark Buddle — warned they would go after anyone trying to lower the price of the drug.

“Play along and keep prices high and don’t make mistakes and ruin your life,” the cartel wrote in a message to dealers at the time.

Although the discovery of the largest cocaine shipment in the country’s history was made off the coast of Western Australia in March, large shipments have continued to slip across the border.

That same month, the cost of bricks fell by more than $100,000 to less than $250,000, according to an underground source for The Age.

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