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Cocaine Kingpin Darren John Mohr has been in prison for 18 years

June 23, 2020:

“Soft at heart”: Darren Mohr

“Your Honor, I have known Darren for more than 10 years in several capacities, from an acquaintance than a friend and finally a girlfriend / an actual partner.

“I would say with confidence that I know him very well. My experience and opinion about his character is that he is a very kind, caring and passionate man.

Unfortunately, Darren sometimes tried to portray a certain character to make him look ‘tough’.

However, he is one of the few people who take the time to listen to and communicate with everyone by making them feel important and interesting when you are in his company.

“He is very interesting and intelligent. You always seem to learn from him in his presence.

“He’s kind, compassionate and very generous. He is the type of person who gives you the shirt off his back.

“He may look like a tough guy, but I assure you his heart is soft. I was very surprised that Darren got involved in all of this because he was never someone who did his best not to respect the law or look for trouble.

“Darren always thought highly of the police and was very polite and courteous to officers for as long as I have known him.

“I don’t think he was angry with authority. So given my experience of getting to know him and eventually entering into a relationship with him, I honestly didn’t expect him to have any problems with the law.

“I speak with Darren almost every day and he often thinks about the mistakes he made, what could have been and the sadness he feels in this position now.

“He often talks about waking up at night, tormented with regret about what he was involved in and the consequences those actions had on other people.

“He has said that he did not think or realize that other people and the community could or would be affected by the crime of which he was a part.

Mohr and Mrs. Marsh in a happy click for his arrest

Mohr and Mrs. Marsh in no time before his arrest

Mohr and Mrs. Marsh in a happy click for his arrest

“It certainly takes a lot for Darren to cry, and I’ve been in his presence when he talked about the magnitude of this, his regrets about the pain he caused others and ultimately himself.

Not to mention his awareness of the ultimate effects on others when it comes to drugs. Darren always tried to help anyone who was in trouble, if he was able to.

“He certainly had a reputation in the circle of people we were all associated with as a ‘big brother figure’ who was always there for a chat or to give advice. He was loved and respected.

People wanted to hear his opinion.

“I think a good example of this kindness was Darren moving to QLD to take care of Nathan, his friend after his wife died.

“I think that as soon as Darren is released, he will work and try to make something of himself.

“He’s always had a strong work ethic and regrets losing everything he worked for.

“I sincerely believe he has no chance of offending again, because this was a silly mistake and he never intended to be a criminal or even be associated with criminals.

“His loved ones are genuine members of society with business,” and have families.

“I believe he’s really humiliated and looking forward to going back to the basics that make people happy in life.

Krissy Marsh ‘