Clubhouse’s new direct payments let you toss a coin at creators, and they’ll get 100 percent


The Clubhouse social audio app allows all users to pay other creators starting Monday. It is the first monetization tool built right into the app. Clubhouse says there is no need to cut payments, which means creators get whatever someone sends them. Not everyone will be able to do that receive payments, however, not yet; that will roll out in waves, ‘starting with a small test group’, Clubhouse says

To pay a Clubhouse maker who can receive payments, tap their profile, then the “Send Money” button, then choose how much to send them. You will also be required to pay a “small card processing fee” that goes to Stripe, the Clubhouse’s payment processing partner. The first time you try to pay someone, Clubhouse will ask you to add a credit or debit card.

The news about direct payments comes a few weeks after Clubhouse announced its first creator accelerator program, Clubhouse Creator First, which will hire 20 aspiring hosts and creators to help them build their audiences and monetize their shows.

The accelerator and new direct payments could give creators more incentive to stay on Clubhouse rather than jump to one of the many other social media platforms that have copied Clubhouse’s social audio format. At the moment, Clubhouse is only available on iOS as an invitation app, although a Android version is in the works