Clubhouse is no longer available by invitation only

Clubhouse goes wide. Co-founders Paul Davison and Rohan Seth announced today that the app is no longer by invitation only. At the moment, about 10 million people are on the waiting list, a spokesperson confirms, and they will be added to the app slowly over time. (Essentially, millions of users won’t be added today, but apparently, if you try to sign in again, you can.) Along with the news, Clubhouse showed off a new logo, as well as a new app icon: Justin “Meezy Williams, manager of rapper 21 Savage.

“The invitation system has been an important part of our early history,” says a blog post about the changes. “By adding people in waves, welcoming new faces to our Wednesday orientations every week, and talking to the community every Sunday at City Hall, we’ve been able to grow the clubhouse in a measured way and prevent things from getting worse. break down like we did. scaled.”

This change comes just a week after Clubhouse launched its DM product, Backchannel, which the team now says sent 10 million messages within its first day of launch, and over 90 million in its first week.

Of course, the app’s opening up comes amid increasing competition. As Clubhouse expanded its product and entered a waiting list, other social audio products, such as Twitter Spaces, opened up to everyone. If Clubhouse wants to compete and keep acquiring new users, it needs to make sure everyone actually has access to it. Part of that journey was bringing the app to Android alongside iOS, and now the second big step has been completed, which is to remove all ports around new user login.