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Click with our favorite custom mechanical keyboards

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Click with our favorite custom mechanical keyboards

Your keyboard is the most direct line of communication between you and your computer, whether gaming, working from home, or doing anything else in front of a screen. Why not invest in one that is reliable, fun and enjoyable? I love mechanical keyboards; I even open boards and play with them. Over the past few years, I’ve tested dozens, from the fastest gaming keyboards to those that offer enhanced typing experiences. These are the best mechanical keyboards of the hundreds you can find online.

With the advances in keyboards in recent years, you can’t go wrong with anything in this guide: everything I recommend is well built, sturdy, and feels great to type on. That being said, what Yo Like may not be what you like; More than anything else, the “best” keyboard comes down to the features you want and the type of feel you prefer when typing.

We’ve got more PC peripheral guides, including the best keyboards (including styles like chiclet keyboards), the best gaming mice, the best computer speakers, and the best computer monitors.

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First, read our explanation of the mechanical keyboard

Things can get pretty complicated when purchasing a mechanical keyboard. You will probably come across terms like switches, PBT keycaps, hot-swappable keyboards, 75%, TKL, etc. If you’re curious about what they mean, I recommend you read my full How to choose and customize a mechanical keyboard guide.

You don’t need to understand all of these words if you want a fun, good, mechanical keyboard that just works; Almost all of my recommendations below are fully assembled keyboards. They are all hot swappable, so you don’t need to feel tied to a particular type of switch. Spend some time on your new board, and if you want to make an adjustment or try a new set of switches, that’s the beauty of mechanical keyboards: you can customize them whenever you want.

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