Cleaning up for Labor Day! Dyson’s cult-fave V7 Absolute and V8 Fluffy models are both $100 off

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Dust doesn’t stand a chance. (Photo: Dyson)

Let’s face it: Dysons are the Maserati of vacuum cleaners. They are powerful, versatile and come with lots of bells and whistles. In addition, they are undeniably stylish. They’re the perfect tool for clearing out all that clutter you’ve been sort of ignoring all summer – sand from beach trips, dirt and dust you didn’t notice because you were outside, the kinds of things that become more prominent once you get more. are inside.

Like the luxury car brand, a Dyson certainly isn’t cheap, but if you’re lucky, you can pick one up on sale — and what better weekend to break into one than Labor Day weekend? Example: the wildly popular Dyson V7 Absolute is now $100 off, as well as the Dyson V8 Fluffy.

The V7 masterfully cleans both carpets and hardwoods, thanks to its intense suction that pulls out pet hair, hair, dust bunnies and more. It’s gentle on all types of floors and shoppers are hooked.

One of them says: “First time Dyson owner and will never go back to a regular vacuum cleaner. My husband and I are arguing about this great machine. We start out with the intention of vacuuming only a small portion, but it leads to We can do the whole house in less than 30 minutes because it’s such a pleasant job! A plus is that our two dogs and six month old daughter don’t mind us vacuuming because it’s so quiet and fast!”

$250 $350 at Dyson

Vacuuming just might become your favorite chore.  (Photo: Dyson)

Vacuuming just might become your favorite chore. (Photo: Dyson)

It runs for up to 30 minutes without fading on a single charge, and cleaning the dust bin has never been easier (or more hygienic) – just press a lever and the bin empties itself. The V7 is packed with extras including a dusting brush to tackle dirt on screens, a crevice tool to clean edges and even a mini motorized tool for your car. It can turn into a handheld or reach high places with one smooth, fluid motion.

the vacation comes with a docking station (which you can mount on the wall) for easy charging and has two power modes: “max” for six minutes of intense suction and “powerful” for a longer clean. He weighs just over five pounds.

It also easily converts to a handheld — just one button!  (Photo: Dyson)

It can be easily converted to a handheld – just press a button! (Photo: Dyson)

But wait, there’s more: The vac comes with over $75 worth of free tools with purchase. You can choose a carry-and-clean set, which makes it easy to organize your brushes and other trinkets, or a furniture set with two extra brushes to quickly work on your sofa, mattress and more.

“I bought this vacuum cleaner about three weeks ago and I can’t put it down!” reported one Dyson shopper gleefully. “So easy to use I should have bought it sooner. I never liked vacuuming until I made this purchase. I would highly recommend this to anyone.”

One dog owner agreed: “Not to be dramatic, but this vacuum has literally changed my life. … This vacuum cleaner is lightweight, powerful, quiet and transfers easily from my carpets to my hardwood floors. It turned a weekly one hour chore that left me frustrated and sweaty into a daily 15 minute cleaning. Can’t recommend enough! Absolutely worth it.”

$250 $350 at Dyson

Perfect for hard floors.  (Photo: Dyson)

Perfect for hard floors. (Photo: Dyson)

Conversely, if you need a vacuum cleaner for daily cleaning – or if your home is mainly hard floors – the Dyson V8 Fluffy is an excellent fit.

The secret is in the brush – it’s made of softly woven nylon and anti-static fibers, which are gentle on hard floors and strong on dirt, hair, grime and anything in its path. It can run for 40 blissful minutes and has two power settings to handle any job.

It also comes with plenty of accessories such as a mini motorized tool, a soft dusting brush and a combination tool. It easily turns into a handheld for overhead cleaning (perfect for getting rid of all that sand in the crevices of your stairs).

“Bought this about a month ago and haven’t stopped vacuuming because I love it so much,” commented one shopper. “Regular high suction works great for everyday use. I have two toddlers who leave crumbs everywhere and now I don’t worry about them making a mess. Wireless is really life changing.”

It’s so heavy that it even works in warehouses!

Shared a shopper: “We use this vacuum cleaner at work and it takes on a warehouse office environment with a vengeance! It sucks up all the little warehouse dust and grime from our welcome mat without batting an eyelid. We’re close to a freeway so we have a boatload of highway dirt and this vacuum cleaner picks it up like it’s no problem! I love this vacuum!”

In short: “If this vacuum cleaner was still alive, I’d marry it. I’ve never loved a vacuum cleaner so much!!!”

$300 $400 at Dyson

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