Claire Foy cuts a stylish figure in a striped blue jumpsuit as she steps out in NYC

Claire Foy looks stylish in a blue jumpsuit in a stripe as she walks out in New York. It turns out that a stalker who left Claire ‘terrified at her own home’ has illegally entered the UK.

Claire Foy looked stylish as she arrived at New York’s Robin Williams Centre on Tuesday.

For the outing, the actress, 38, donned a blue striped jumpsuit that hugged every inch her beautiful figure.

Claire belted the look at her slim waist, and added height with red perspex heels.  

Stylish: Claire Foy, 38, cut a stylish figure as she was spotted arriving at the Robin William Centre in New York City on Tuesday

The star stunner accented her features by using warm make-up, with lots of mascara and a nutty lip. 

She carried her belongings in a black bag and pulled her dark hair back into a low ponytail. 

Brit Claire was seen later leaving the venue, clutching a cup of take-out tea in her hands.

The Robin Williams Center for Entertainment and Media, a 4,000-square foot screening room and education space that opened in October 2016, is located at 401 Broadway. 

Tea: Brit Claire Was Later Seen Leaving The Venue As She Grasped A Takeaway Tea In Her Hand

Tea: Brit Claire was later seen leaving the venue as she grasped a takeaway tea in her hand

The venue’s name is Robin Williams after Robin Williams, a beloved comedian who committed suicide at his San Francisco Bay residence in 2014.

This comes after it became clear that a man had been following the actress and sending her explicit messages. He had also entered the UK illegally.

Jason Penrose, 49 (the ‘Obsessive Jason Penrose) posed as a Hollywood producer. Claire was repeatedly targeted by Penrose – one stage even turning up at her residence.

The American stalker bombarded her publicist Emma Jackson with more than 1,000 explicit emails, including one referring to rape between February 19, 2021 and February 7, 2022.

Gorgeous: The Actress Slipped Into A Blue Stripped Jumpsuit For The Outing, Which Hugged Every Inch Of Her Gorgeous Figure

Svelte: Claire Belted The Outfit At Her Svelte Waist And Added Extra Height To Her Frame With A Pair Of Red Perspex Heels

Gorgeous: The actress slipped into a blue stripped jumpsuit for the outing, which hugged every inch of her gorgeous figure

Penrose made an appearance at Wood Green Crown Court on Nov 28, where he only spoke to confirm his identity. Penrose was warned by Judge David Aaronberg KC that he might be deported following sentencing. 

Penrose was told that he would spend at least 30 consecutive months in prison for persistently stalking. 

Penrose started a “campaign for consistent stalking” sending thousands of explicit emails and eight switchboard messages, as well as going to the star’s home.

Rip: The Venue Is Named After The Beloved Comedian Robin Williams Who Died By Suicide At His San Francisco Bay Home In 2014 (Pictured In 2013)

RIP: The venue is named after the beloved comedian Robin Williams who died by suicide at his San Francisco Bay home in 2014 (pictured in 2013) 

He sent the court emails in which he detailed Claire’s rape and his desire to have her as his girlfriend. 

Penrose also contacted Claire by email and text.

Penrose showed up at the home of the Golden Globe-winning actress on December 17, 2021 and began ringing her doorbell repeatedly, Thames Magistrates court heard. 

Casual: She Toted Her Belongings In A Black Handbag And Swept Back Her Dark Locks Into A Low Ponytail

Casual: She Then she carried all her belongings into a black handbag. She threw her dark hair up in a low ponytail and then put them in a bag.

Claire was unable to sleep and claimed that the experience has affected her life in every way. Claire begged industry colleagues and friends to not tag her in photos in case Penrose tried to track her movements. 

Claire’s daughter answered the door intercom on the night Penrose went there. Penrose replied: “It’s Jason, it’s outside.”

The stalking left the actress in genuine fear for her safety, terrified and helpless at home.

'Obsessive': The Outing Comes After It Emerged Her Stalker Jason Penrose (Pictured) Who Had Had Entered The Uk Illegally

“Obsessive”: Her outing follows the discovery that Jason Penrose, her stalker (pictured), had illegally entered the UK.

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