CityFibre SDN implementation to accelerate 5G implementations and enable 10 Gbps

<pre><pre>CityFibre SDN implementation to accelerate 5G implementations and enable 10 Gbps

CityFibre has to implement software-defined networking (SDN) technology through its network, claiming that the added intelligence enables 10Gbps home and company wide broadband and speeds up the deployment of 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) services.

The company, which does not manage its own broadband services and instead sells wholesale capacity on its networks, has signed a deal with Calix to use the AXOS Software Defined Access platform (SDA).

The platform simplifies the management of the infrastructure, lowers operating costs and ensures greater scalability. It is possible that 100 Gbps speeds will be possible in the future.

CityFibre 5G

For mobile operators and ISP partners they get much more control and programmability for their networks, allowing them to offer differentiated, superior services to their customers.

"In Calix we have found a like-minded ally, an innovator who pushes the boundaries of what is possible when intelligent software meets infrastructure with fiber optics alone," said Greg Mesch, CEO of CityFibre.

"The ability to scale services up to 100 gigabits per second, while taking the customer experience to a new level, highlights the shortcomings of today's fiber connections."

"With AXOS, CityFibre can bring new products, services and features to the market more quickly, further moving it away from a legacy offering that does not allow real market differentiation," adds Calix Michael Weening. "As we continue to innovate on the AXOS platform, the continued speed, agility and efficiency that we enable will enable CityFibre and its partners to change the British broadband market forever."

CityFibre has built several networks in the United Kingdom and in 2015 bought the KCOM infrastructure outside Hull and East Yorkshire. According to the results for the entire year, CityFibre now has 3,740 km of fiber optic infrastructure, an increase of 3,383 km a year earlier.