Google Pixelbook Go review: the price of simplicity

The latest version of Chrome OS, version 78, adds picture-in-picture support to the YouTube Android app, as well as enhancing printer operating system support and customizing Chrome OS's settings menu & # 39; s . 9to5Google reports that YouTube's picture-in-picture mode is activated when the app is minimized or otherwise covered while a video is still playing.


Google has also announced that Chrome OS 78 introduces virtual desktop support for the operating system with a feature called Virtual Desks. This virtual desktop feature has been featured in Chrome OS releases since at least August and lets you move apps to individual virtual workspaces, such as macOS or Windows 10.

Chrome OS 78 should also simplify the printing process from the operating system. The software now automatically displays compatible printers, without having to set them manually first. It should now also be easier to store specific printers in your profile for easy access.

Google has also modified the & # 39; s settings menu of the operating system by separating the respective & # 39; s menus for your device and browser. 9to5Google reports that the former can now be found in the quick settings sheet, while the latter can be opened directly at the top right of the browser. Finally, the operating system has a new & # 39; click-to-call & # 39; function that allows it to automatically send phone numbers to your Android phone so that you can call them without typing a number again.