CHRIS WHEELER: Manchester United and Harry Kane could be a match made in heaven

CHRIS WHEELER: Manchester United and Harry Kane could be a match made in heaven with Erik ten Hag eager to sign a top striker and the England star set to go off and win trophies

  • Harry Kane and Manchester United would seem to be a match made in heaven
  • Manchester United have not hidden their interest in a striker of the highest quality
  • Harry Kane looks set to break ties with Tottenham Hotspur to win trophies

In many ways, Harry Kane and Manchester United seem like the perfect match.

United have made no secret of the fact that they will be in the market for a top-tier striker in the summer, and there have been few better than Kane in the Premier League.

Meanwhile, the England captain seems ready to cut ties with Tottenham and wants a chance at trophies before it’s too late.

Erik Ten Hag Has Made No Secret Of The Fact That He Will Be In The Market For A Top Striker In The Summer.

Forward Harry Kane (L) and Man United’s Erik ten Hag look like the perfect match

The Move Has Overtones Of When Teddy Sheringham Moved From Spurs To United In 1997.

The move has overtones of when Teddy Sheringham moved from Spurs to United in 1997.

In that sense, there are shades of Teddy Sheringham 26 years ago. United are not the force they were then, but there is no doubt that the club is ready to challenge again under Erik ten Hag.

Less than two years ago, Kane seemed destined for Manchester to sign for City in a deal worth up to £160m.

Daniel Levy blocked that move, but even the notoriously hard-to-negotiate Spurs boss knows he can now only get a maximum of £100m with Kane about to enter the final year of his contract.

The Red Devils Are Ready To Challenge At The Top Of The Premier League With Ten Hag

The Red Devils are ready to challenge at the top of the Premier League with Ten Hag

There is mutual interest between United and Kane in exploring what would be one of the summer transfers, although that in itself does not guarantee a deal will be reached. Kane will have no shortage of fans elsewhere and United have other options.

The big question is whether they are going for a proven Premier League goalscorer, but who will have turned 30 by the start of next season.

It paid off when Robin van Persie moved to Old Trafford at the age of 29 and played a pivotal role in Sir Alex Ferguson’s final season clinching the title a decade ago.

A Similar Move Paid Off When Robin Van Persie (Pictured) Moved To Old Trafford From Arsenal.

A similar move paid off when Robin van Persie (pictured) moved to Old Trafford from Arsenal.

However, when Ferguson announced his retirement immediately afterwards, a disillusioned Van Persie never made quite the same impact under David Moyes and Louis van Gaal.

Or do United spend their money on a younger striker who has his best years ahead of him and a better chance of retaining his value, but who is unknown in the Premier League? Seven and a half years after signing from Monaco, United are still hoping to see the best of Anthony Martial.

This issue will worry Ten Hag and his employers for months to come. They know how important a goalscorer he is to any team and United have been through their fair share over the years.

Kane’s track record suggests he could be their main man for three or four seasons, as long as his ankles hold up.

Is it enough for £100 million? That is the question United must answer.

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