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Chris Rock is called out over Will Smith career inaccuracy


People have been berating Chris Rock for misunderstanding a fact about Will Smith because of a joke he made during his Netflix special addressing “slapgate.”

The comedian tore up Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s relationship and spoke about the blow he received at the Oscars during the Netflix show Selective Outrage.

Chris joked that he felt the blow and brought up some of Will’s movie roles to illustrate that one of them was an action star and the other was a funny guy.

He said, ‘I know you can’t see it on camera – Will Smith is considerably taller than me. We’re not the same size, okay? Will Smith does movies with his shirt off. You’ve never seen me do a movie with my shirt off.

“When I’m in a movie having open heart surgery, I’m wearing a sweater. Will Smith played Muhammad Ali in a movie.’

‘He should be so ashamed’: Chris Rock has been berated for an inaccuracy in Will Smith’s career over a ‘slapgate’ joke he made during his new Netflix special (pictured at the Oscars in March)

The comedian then compared their roles in cartoons and said ‘even in animated films I’m a zebra, he’s a king shark’.

This refers to the 2004 movie Shark Tale.

But Chris’s fans pointed out that Will wasn’t playing a shark, but instead was giving his voice to a fish, a bluestripe cleanerfish named Oscar to be exact.

They wrote, “Wait Chris Rock thought Will Smith was playing the shark?”

“My conclusion from the Chris Rock special is that he thinks Will Smith played a shark in Shark Tale.”

Conceptually, the joke is about how much stronger Will Smith is physically than Chris Rock, but I think a big zebra would actually do really well against a small fish in battle. And a disservice to Jack Black, Robert De Niro and Michael Imperioli who played the sharks in it.”

“Screaming ‘will smith doesn’t even play the shark in shark story, Jack Black does’ as feds rush to shove me into a black suv and make me disappear.”

Despite this, Chris’s much-anticipated public reaction to actor Will Smith’s punch at the 2022 Oscars was met with critical acclaim — with some calling it the “best brutal takedown” in history.

Chris Rock is called out over Will Smith career inaccuracy

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'LOL!  Will Smith wasn't a shark': Fans reacted to Chris' prank in the most humorous ways, sharing fish memes on Twitter

‘LOL! Will Smith wasn’t a shark’: Fans reacted to Chris’ prank in the most humorous ways, sharing fish memes on Twitter

During his new Netflix stand-up special that premiered live Saturday night, Rock verbally hit back at Smith a year after the incident that saw Smith expelled from the Academy.

In a nearly two-minute segment, Rock fired at Smith’s decision to punch him onstage at the awards show, making Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith the butt of his joke about her infidelity.

“Everyone called him ab**ch, and who is he hitting? Me,” Rock joked to a crowd, including a friend of Meghan Markle’s who was seen laughing backstage, according to Page six.

The comedian also took aim at the former ‘Suits’ actress during his special, saying she was ‘acting totally stupid’ for not realizing that the royal family are the ‘OGs of racism’.

Rock’s tirade has since been hailed on social media as “the perfect/best way” to get back at Smith for the moment that changed both of their careers.

The comedian made spectators and live viewers wait until the last ten minutes of “Chris Rock: Selective Outrage” before addressing the clap.

“You all know what happened to me when I got hit by Suge Smith,” the comedian joked. Rock said, “It still hurts. I’ve got ‘Summertime’ in my ears.”

The blow came last year after Rock made a joke about Pinkett-Smith’s bald head caused by alopecia.

Rock had joked that Pinkett-Smith rocked a “G.I. Jane” look, leading her husband to storm the stage and slap him, then repeat: “Keep my wife’s name out of your mouth!”

On his new stand-up special, Rock joked about his struggles the following year.

“Words hurt” has never been punched in the face of anyone, he said.

“But I’m not a victim, honey. You’ll never see me cry at Oprah or Gayle,” Rock said. He joked that he “took that shit as (Manny) Pacquaio.”

The crowd in the audience laughed out loud as those at home expressed their views via social media.

Like most comedians, I am continuously grateful for Chris Rock’s existence. Thank you comic gods,” fellow comedian Jim Gaffigan wrote.

‘Listen to me when I tell you. THIS IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MIC DROP OF ALL TIME. NUF RESPECT,” one Twitter user wrote.

That user referenced the mic drop at the end of his special when responding to those asking why he didn’t hit Smith back, saying, “You know what my parents taught me? Don’t fight in front of white people.”

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