Chris Pratt tries to save Princess Peach in the newest Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer

Chris Pratt puts on Mario’s iconic overalls to save Princess Peach.

Super Mario Bros. Movie is now closer to home for fans who waited eagerly when Tuesday’s second full length trailer was released.

The clip provided a more detailed view of Chris Pratt’s performance as Mario, the legendary plumber and adventurer. There was also more time for Mario’s brother Luigi (voiced in It’s Always Sunny Here Philadelphia’s Charlie Day) or Peach (voiced to by Anya Taylor Joy).

The trailer received mixed reactions from social media. Fans praised the stunningly animated visuals and continued to comment that Pratt was the “weakest link” among the all-star cast. This has been previously criticised for lacking diversity.

Mixed bag: The second trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie came out on Tuesday. However, many fans were still shocked by Chris Pratt’s performance as Mario.

The trailer opens in middle of action as Mario emerges out of the shadows to enter an arena. There he walks across a thin platform suspended above the ground.

Seth Rogen voices the cartoonish gladiator, who leaps into the air to punch Donkey Kong. But his hopes of a victory are comically dashed after the gorilla kicks him and begins pulverizing him.

The intro provides a good preview of animation quality with a closeup view of Mario’s funnyly painful expressions when Donkey Kong pummels him.

Meanwhile, Peach and Toad (Keegan–Michael Key) try to avert their eyes at the sight of their champion losing so dramatically.

Going Into Battle: The Trailer Opens In The Middle Of The Action, As Mario Emerges From The Shadows To Walk Into An Arena, Where He Walks Across The Middle Of A Thin Platform Suspended In The Air

Going into battle: The trailer opens in the middle of the action, as Mario emerges from the shadows to walk into an arena, where he walks across the middle of a thin platform suspended in the air

Reversal Of Fortune: The Cartoonish Gladiator Jumps Into The Air For A Power Punch Against Donkey Kong (Seth Rogen), But His Hopes For A Triumphant Victory Are Comically Dashed When The Gorilla Slaps Him Down And Starts Pulverizing Him

Reversal in fortune: The cartoonish gladiator leaps into the air to punch Donkey Kong (Seth Rogen), however his hopes of a victory are comically dashed by the gorilla who slaps him and begins pulverizing him

Nailed It: The Intro Gives A Nice Preview Of The Quality Of The Animation With A Closeup Of Mario'S Hilariously Pained Expressions As He Is Pummeled By Donkey Kong

Nailed it: The intro gives a nice preview of the quality of the animation with a closeup of Mario’s hilariously pained expressions as he is pummeled by Donkey Kong

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