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Chris Pratt Open to Returning as Star-Lord If ‘It Makes Sense’


Zoe Soldana and Dave Bautista may have finished their characters from Guardians of the Galaxy after Vol. 3, but Chris Pratt isn’t done yet.

In a recent interview with GamesRadar+In fact, Pratt revealed that he’s open to returning as Starlord, even with Guardians creator and director James Gunn moving from Marvel to DC.

“It would be weird continuing the story of Peter without James,” Pratt said. “He did a very creative job in the first three films. We found the voice of Peter Quill together and without him, of course, I would never have had that opportunity. He writes it, directs it, dreams it up.” With music, it’s his imagination on screen.”

“So, to continue telling the story it will be important to honor what he did in the first three movies and honor what fans have come to love about the character and not just do it because it might get people to pay to see him.”

What’s next for Guardians?

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Conclusion of the Trilogy Gunn and his team of eccentric friends, but it’s not currently clear which of them will continue to appear in the MCU.

Saldana said in a recent interview with THR“I don’t think this is the end of the Guardians,” she says, before confirming: “It’s the end for me, for Gamora.”

On the other hand, Bautista previously said that it felt good to leave Drax behind, especially since the extensive makeup process was exhausting.

“With Drax, I have to finish his story perfectly,” he said in his final appearance on the Tonight show. “I would never sign another contract as Drax just for the money. I would distort that ‘perfect ending’, and I wouldn’t.”

Regardless, if any of the crew gets killed you can’t blame Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige for it. Feige said in a recent press conference that Gunn has “taken a free hand” about leaving his characters in certain locations for the future of the MCU.

“In the previous films we had some discussions about that,” Feige said. “But not in this one. This was about making the journey all the way to the end, because it was always meant to be a conclusion to the trilogy.”

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