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Chris Dawson sentencing: Pro-Putin Simeon Boikov, aka the Aussie Cossack, interrupts Sky reporter

Rude Moment Campaigner Crashes TV Reporter’s Live Cross Over Teacher’s Pet Murder Trial, Harass Victim’s Family – Before Journalist Rips Him

  • Chris Dawson, 74, found guilty of the 1982 murder of Lynette Dawson in August
  • Dawson returned to the NSW Supreme Court on Thursday for sentencing
  • Sky reporter Kenny Heatley does live cross when Simeon Boikov interrupted him
  • Boikov, aka ‘the Aussie Kozak’, wants Australia to end aid to Ukraine

Pro-Putin campaigner Simeon Boikov has messed up the murder case against Teacher’s Pet killer Chris Dawson and has tried to place himself in the TV coverage of the victim’s family.

The self-proclaimed ‘Aussie Cossack’ stood before the Supreme Court on Thursday behind Sky News reporter Kenny Heatley to argue against the Australian government’s military support for Ukraine, before the cameraman was forced to withdraw.

The brother of murder victim Lyn Dawson, Greg Simms and his wife Marilyn had just come out of court after an emotionally confrontational encounter with the convicted murderer.

When Mr. Simms’ powerful and damning victim statement was read, his cousin Shanelle, Chris Dawson’s daughter, was in tears.

Pro-Putin supporter Simeon Boikov, the self-proclaimed ‘Aussie Cossack’, crashed the murder trial conviction and tried to put himself in the TV coverage of the victim’s family

But when the couple stepped outside to talk about the 1982 murder, Boikov pressed next to them and held up his phone to record the impromptu press conference.

After the Simms finished talking and lingered to chat with other family members, Boikov stayed close, filming reporters, and then Sky’s live cross crashed.

Heatley was describing the day’s events with Kieran Gilbert, the station’s chief political reporter, outside the Sydney courthouse, when Boikov stood over his shoulder and began to repeat a political message.

He followed Heatley as he tried to turn away and called on Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to stop supplying arms to Ukraine.

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Greg Simms, brother of murder victim Lynnette Dawson, had an emotionally confrontational meeting with former brother-in-law and murderer Chris Dawson in the Supreme Court on Thursday.

His hiatus forced an embarrassed Heatley to leave his crotch in the studio.

“Maybe we should contact you at another time, mate, we’re just being disturbed here, it’s a shame,” Heatley said.

Still on camera, Heatley turned to Boikov and shot him, even though this microphone had been cut.

‘My apologies for a difficult situation there at the court’ [Kenny was] just doing his job and a rude person interrupting him inappropriately,” Gilbert told viewers.

Most of the journalists covering Dawson’s hearing didn’t know who Boikov was or why he was there.

The so-called Aussie Cossack followed Sky’s Kenny Heatley during a live cross and called on Anthony Albanese to stop supplying weapons to Ukraine

The activist recently faced court over traffic charges and Covid instructions and is listed this month for three hearings in local courts.

Boikov gained notoriety earlier this year for public demonstrations outside the Russian embassy in Sydney in support of the war effort against Ukraine.

He believes that President Vladimir Putin is the rightful ‘occupier’ of the country and that the bloody conflict is justified.

Australia has given more than $480 million to the Ukrainian government, mostly in “military aid.”

The government has also provided $65 million in humanitarian aid to support Ukrainian citizens.


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